Enhancing your Powers with Vaastu (For Students)

Written by Lieutenant Colonel Anil Kumar Nigam

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Furtherrepparttar size ofrepparttar 143839 study table should not be too big or too small. It should be justrepparttar 143840 size that is comfortable forrepparttar 143841 working ofrepparttar 143842 student. A big sized table diminishesrepparttar 143843 working capacity, whereasrepparttar 143844 small table gives rise to depression.


It is a good idea to placerepparttar 143845 bookshelves onrepparttar 143846 sides rather than aboverepparttar 143847 study table. Books placed aboverepparttar 143848 study table tend to exert pressure and create unnecessary stress.

.The study books should be placed inrepparttar 143849 cupboard inrepparttar 143850 cabinet rather than inrepparttar 143851 open. And ifrepparttar 143852 shutter ofrepparttar 143853 cupboard is kept shutrepparttar 143854 flow of energy is constantly maintained.

The books inrepparttar 143855 study chamber should be kept inrepparttar 143856 east, north, Southwest, South or West direction and not inrepparttar 143857 North - East. In addition to that ifrepparttar 143858 north - east direction bears heavy weight it shall pressurizerepparttar 143859 students' mind.


The study room should be bright and lit up well. Dingy, dimly lit rooms are depressing and in conducive to a child’s education, growth and attitude.

An adequate amount of sunlight is a boon for a balanced all-round development. However if you do not get natural light due to any reason, adequate suitable artificial lighting is a must however is should be remembered that no artificial light can ever giverepparttar 143860 benefits ofrepparttar 143861 natural lighting.

While studying,repparttar 143862 shadow ofrepparttar 143863 student should not fall onrepparttar 143864 books being studied.

A study lamp is another way of energizingrepparttar 143865 room in focusing onrepparttar 143866 task in hand. The light ofrepparttar 143867 lamp should be bright preferably white and care should be taken that it does not fall directly onrepparttar 143868 eyes and should not be too harsh onrepparttar 143869 eyes. Table lamp should be kept inrepparttar 143870 Southeast corner ofrepparttar 143871 table. Energizing Study Rooms for better concentration

·Gayatri chants early morning is a powerful tool to energies living spaces. You do not have to reciterepparttar 143872 mantra always, even a cassette has a great effect, just experiment with it.

·A television playing in a room interrupts concentration whereas music does not. A TV serial being played in next room at loud volume can cause discomfort and may result in lack of concentration.

·Playing inspirational and soothing music inrepparttar 143873 children’s room is very effective. Study and music go together well. Point to remember is that it should not cause distraction and should be predominantly be instrumental.

·Are you aware of Earth’s magnetic field and how it affectsrepparttar 143874 magnetic materials. Do you know your blood contains lot of iron? Ensure that you sleep with head towardsrepparttar 143875 East or South. A person becomes learned by placing his head towardsrepparttar 143876 East and is troubled by distressing thoughts by lying down with his head placed inrepparttar 143877 Westward direction. By placing head in South direction you ensure good health and sound sleep.

·A pendulum watch is a must in each and every study room as it instills a sense of movement and life. Inspirational Pictures

Place an inspirational picture inrepparttar 143878 child’s room. The picture could be that of a galloping horse, a rising Sun all these are symbols of strength and inspire evenrepparttar 143879 weakest.

The study room should have images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati.

Hang framed certificates or display trophies etc won by you onrepparttar 143880 South wall. Remindingrepparttar 143881 winnings and successes ofrepparttar 143882 past invariably reviverepparttar 143883 faith in your self andrepparttar 143884 fighting sprit in you.

Do not put pictures depicting any battle scenes, fights, dragons, skeletons etc as these have a negative effect and cause negative energy to flow inrepparttar 143885 room.

Remember what you become depends a lot on what you eat, what you see and what you hear. So be careful in choosing these things.

One should not have pictures depicting war scenes (even if they belong torepparttar 143886 Epic Mahabharata or Ramayan battles). Similarly scenes depicting negativities of life like sorrow, struggle, violence (including that of wild beasts), and tragedy and have calamities.

Te color Scheme

If possible,repparttar 143887 walls ofrepparttar 143888 study room should be light orange in color as it is very auspicious and enhancesrepparttar 143889 wishing power as well as supportsrepparttar 143890 speedy progress of mind.

Do not use a dark color inrepparttar 143891 study room. You can use yellow, white or pink also. Your room should be vibrant and cheerful, avoid too much of black in this room.

Author has 28 years of experience in the field of Teaching and Management. He is M. Tech from IIT Kanpur and has worked in different capacities including Signal corps Indian Army, Regional Manager for a Telecom Company. Currently he is Associate Professor with ITM, Gurgaon that is rated as best Engineering colleges of North India.

Should I Get An Online Degree?

Written by Fred DiUlus

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The value of any education, regardless of where it is acquired, is ultimately based onrepparttar knowledge imparted and learned. It should be very apparent thatrepparttar 143795 value of how good or well endowed financiallyrepparttar 143796 school or its contacts (network) are perceived, it can be totally duplicated in an online environment with few exceptions. Perhaps we should actually considerrepparttar 143797 notion that what really ought to validaterepparttar 143798 value of a degree isrepparttar 143799 nature and credibility of those teachingrepparttar 143800 subject not how it is delivered. Inrepparttar 143801 range of choices of what a student and professor can do together, online delivery is clearly superior torepparttar 143802 traditional classroom. In effect, a professor's name and their credentials ought to be on every university student's transcript. This would demonstrate torepparttar 143803 whole worldrepparttar 143804 student has studied under and passed satisfactorily all work undertaken under this or that academic guru. Who does this? No one.

Fred DiUlus is CEO & Founder of Global Academy Online and author of the popular e-Book Best & Worst Online College Degree Programs available free at http://www.globalacademyonline.com/bestandworst.html

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