England Expects Every Man Will Do His Duty

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

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Shades of Megalomania there as well as his Messianic rhetoric on war, and his imagined neo Churchillian posture.

Howrepparttar great man must chuckle at such a parody, how his memory is slurred by association, Orwellian possibly, Churchillian never.

The whole point of our Monarchy, House of Lords,  Judiciary, and pomp and ceremony, however outdated and anachronistic some parts of it may well be , is not what they do, or represent, as much as what they PREVENT from coming into being by their mere presence.

Viz a viz, President Blair, or Chairman Blair.

Currently we have New Labour actively and systematically dismantling allrepparttar 110112 above institutions piece by piece, whilst we do nothing and in doing nothing condonerepparttar 110113 vandalism of our own culture, in what was our own land. Inrepparttar 110114 countdown to election this is becoming a mad stampede to destroy beforerepparttar 110115 fact, an accelerated agenda of attrition on our core of Britishness.

If this continues there will be no Rule Brittannia or last night ofrepparttar 110116 proms, no Churchill, no Telford, no Nelson, just greyness, beurocrats and Chairman Blair.

Almost everyone I know wanted to march on London for one good reason or another overrepparttar 110117 last year or so, futile as it is as we are all summarily ignored out of hand.

We are deemed fools to be manipulated, stupid enough to swallow gullibly anything we are fobbed off with.

I must admit I did not vote inrepparttar 110118 three or four elections beforerepparttar 110119 last one, as I became apathetic with politics, and could not see much real difference betweenrepparttar 110120 parties or much difference between their purported policies. However now we have a party who would ruin this Countrys traditions, and make us all drones torepparttar 110121 EU, presumably and coincidentally with President Blair EU atrepparttar 110122 helm.

If we could not all march on London, then surely we can march as far asrepparttar 110123 polling booths inrepparttar 110124 summer to speak on councils and Europe, pavingrepparttar 110125 way clear for a referendum or vote of no confidence.

Then next Spring we might stagger there again to vote out those who feed us one lie after another and worse still assume us ultra gullible and laughably malleable.

They may find our density is of a different form than they expected or imagined, being one huge mass opposing their hypocrisy, lies and subterfuge.

Its not really British to bother too much with elections and politics, but if we ignorerepparttar 110126 next one there may well be no more British, and no more real politics. Justrepparttar 110127 state.

This may well berepparttar 110128 last time we can remove them viarepparttar 110129 ballot box, as there are legions of mercenaries being imported solely to vote New Labour,  whilst they propose loweringrepparttar 110130 voting age to 16 and even having teenage MPs, as they would apparently vote New Labour wholesale. Perhapsrepparttar 110131 grip onrepparttar 110132 media whilst lowering school standards to abysmal levels is not altogether without rhyme or reason, easier to lead byrepparttar 110133 nose.

Add to thisrepparttar 110134 other hordes of disadvantaged and estranged minorities already aboard and soon we will simply all be outnumbered even if we all shake off our lethargy and vote, and who is in any event monitoringrepparttar 110135 registration of voters, givenrepparttar 110136 ease with which it is possible to register in multiple counties for council elections virtually undetected. I would seriously tighten up voting rights and registration and seriously question whether brand new arrivals torepparttar 110137 country should be allowed to vote as of right straight away with no qualification period.

Remember, all these freebie voting favours from minorities and repparttar 110138 like all will require legislative payback in coin at a later date, with our money.

You owe it to your country one last time to vote to preserve our way of life, our traditions, our history, our heritage, and above all our right to be British not Blairish,repparttar 110139 man who grudgingly allowed us to celebraterepparttar 110140 Rugby World Cup on a Monday.

At present there are still institutions and traditions and laws to uphold your views, rights and electoral preferences, and reflect your currently ignored wishes and feelings in Parliament, instead of having them derided and steamrollered aside inrepparttar 110141 guise of modernity and social progress.

It is likely that if these are re elected next time this will cease to be an option.

Your Country Needs You. Again.

Malcolm Pugh April 2004.

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I was educated at Grammar School, became Civil Engineer, then not so civil systems programmer. Am now deranged and huddle in a little room writing, with no mirrors.

Air, Water & Land

Written by James Sorrell

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