Engines and Spiders and Surfers, Oh My!

Written by Aimee Cremasco

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The page title tag is next in line of importance. It influences where your web site will rank within an engine. Keep it down to a maximum of 60 characters (including spaces), and place it atrepparttar top ofrepparttar 128012 HTML code between and .

Search engines also use hyperlink popularity to determine your ranking. This means that it's important to have as many links to and from as many other sites as you possibly can. Talk with other reputable web sites —that relate in some way to yours —about a link-swap campaign, wherein each of you will provide a link torepparttar 128013 other’s site. The bonus to this is that each time someone visits this web site, they'll seerepparttar 128014 link to your web site, which can increase your traffic results.

Needless to say, search engine submission is vital to your online campaign as well. Your primary focus should be getting listed withrepparttar 128015 top 20 search engines, which arerepparttar 128016 most heavily trafficked. More than 97% of all search engine traffic comes fromrepparttar 128017 20 most popular engines and directories. Once you've accomplished that, you can move on to some ofrepparttar 128018 smaller engines. Being listing withrepparttar 128019 little guys will actually help boost your rankings withrepparttar 128020 bigger guys.

Why focus specifically onrepparttar 128021 top 20 placements? Rarely will anyone look any further — and if your prospects don’t find what they’re looking for in those first 20 spots (and what they’re looking for is you), they’ll simply try again with a different search.

Asrepparttar 128022 public becomes more educated aboutrepparttar 128023 importance of SEO,repparttar 128024 competition for top-20 rankings becomes fierce. If your web site is not search engine friendly, better step to it —without one, you'll be left inrepparttar 128025 dust… leaving your competitors to snatch up what could have been your profits!

If you’re thinking that getting these elusive top 20 placements on your own seems quite daunting (if not downright impossible), I don’t blame you. Which is why a wise and logical investment for many businesses is to outsource this important task to a full service SEO firm who makes it their full time business to optimize sites and achieve top placements. After all, shouldn’t you let your SEO expert worry about these arcane (but very important) issues; and focus your own time where it’s most valuable…growing your business and serving your customers?

Aimee Cremasco founded Word Associates in 1999. She has been writing for various industries online, and has experienced many SEO companies. Aimee recommends GuaranteedTopRankings.com, to all her clients. Aimee is not compensated for this recommendation; it comes solely from complete satisfaction in working with GuaranteedTopRankings.com due to their level of professionalism and up to the minute SEO knowledge.

Sitemaps and Hypertext Links: "Food" for Search Engine Robots

Written by Daria Goetsch

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A good sitemap will:

Provide text links to at leastrepparttar most important pages on your site; depending onrepparttar 128011 size ofrepparttar 128012 site, it may have links to every page

Give a short explanation of each page on your site, to inform your visitors about your website

Give your visitorsrepparttar 128013 information they need when lost in your website, and show them how to reachrepparttar 128014 page they are looking for

Provide a pathway forrepparttar 128015 search engine robots to follow in order to reach your most important pages

Provide important keyword phrases inrepparttar 128016 sitemap text and hypertext links that helprepparttar 128017 automated search engine robot "understand" whatrepparttar 128018 page is about

Help search engine robots find static landing pages that then link to dynamically generated pages they may not otherwise find

Even if your website is small, add a sitemap for your visitors and forrepparttar 128019 search engine robots.

To make your sitemap most attractive torepparttar 128020 search engine robots and your human visitors, be sure to include descriptive text along withrepparttar 128021 page URLs and links. Use your keywords in that text, including appropriate content for each ofrepparttar 128022 pages to which you link. Be careful not to overuse your keyword phrases, though, or you may be penalized inrepparttar 128023 rankings. Remember that this is a map that will be used by both search engine robots and your human visitors. Ifrepparttar 128024 content ofrepparttar 128025 page makes sense torepparttar 128026 people who visit your site, chances are it will make sense torepparttar 128027 visiting robots as well.

When you make it easy for your visitors to navigate your site, they will find what they are looking for. When you make it easy to search engine robots to move around on your site, you increase your chances of being favorably listed in their search results.

Daria Goetsch is the founder and Search Engine Marketing Consultant for Search Innovation (www.searchinnovation.com), a Search Engine Promotion company serving small businesses. Besides running her own company, Daria is an associate of WebMama.com, an Internet web marketing strategies company. She has specialized in search engine optimization since 1998, including three years as the Search Engine Specialist for O'Reilly & Associates, a technical book publishing company.

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