Energy Saving Strategies for Your Office

Written by Doris Dobkins

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4. If you are shopping for a computer, consider purchasing a notebook computer instead of a desktop PC. A notebook computer uses one-tenthrepparttar energy of a desktop PC and can save from $40 $100 in energy cost per year, depending on usage.

5. Printers: Shopping for a printer? Considerrepparttar 117986 energy costs associated with each kind. There are basically three types of printers dot matrix, laser and ink jet. While lasers arerepparttar 117987 most popular because of their high quality, they draw an average of 80 to 100 watts or more when printing. Dot matrixes only use an average of 15-20 watts and ink jets,repparttar 117988 most energy efficient of all use only about 10 watts.

6. Copy Machine: If your copier doesn't come with "standby mode", (which shuts them down partially using 70% less energy), consider turning it off as much as possible. Also,repparttar 117989 faster your copy machine,repparttar 117990 more energy is required per copy.

7. Fax Machines: The cheapest way to fax documents is through a fax modem on your PC. You save on energy as well asrepparttar 117991 cost of a paper fax machine. is a great place to get a free electronic fax account. You can receive faxes directly into your computer and view them as an email message.

Withrepparttar 117992 pending energy crunch, we can all do a little bit more to conserve. Imagine allrepparttar 117993 money that can be saved by adopting just a few of these energy ideas.

I know I'm going to try harder. How about you?

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How To Start A Million-Dollar Empire On A Shoe String Budget

Written by John Nemes

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Withrepparttar huge corporate website, their funds are quickly depleted due to massive overhead expenses and lack of money coming it. It can take a big company 3-5 years before they ever see a profit.. whilst a home-based entrepreneur can make a return on his/her investment in their first month.

That's what makesrepparttar 117985 Internet such an attractive business model. A smart entrepreneur could earn $10,000 or more per week in PERSONAL income. Compare this to $400 p/w working for a corporation... paying travelling expenses, having to dress smartly for work, following specific jobs, etc. It makes much more sense to "go it alone" online.

The 3 Key Ingredients To Personal Online Success Are:

1) A solid plan andrepparttar 117986 skills to be able to achieve that plan. A good businessman is a good decision maker, and you need to makerepparttar 117987 right decisions regarding your Internet presence development to ensure your success.

2) MOTIVATION... 100% dedication at all times. It's never a smooth ride embarking on a new career path or business venture, so keep your chin up, your head high, and approach all of your work withrepparttar 117988 burning desire for 100% SUCCESS.

3) The right skills... learn as much about Internet development as possible. Learn how to make your website automated and interactive. Get your computer to do as much work as possible, giving you more time to concentrate onrepparttar 117989 fun aspects such as marketing and promotion.

All too often I see people put up a basic website with no obvious sales strategy, yet they hope to achieverepparttar 117990 same success of a full functional automated site with a definite marketing strategy. Wake up and realize!

The smart entrepreneurs don't just join affiliate programs and hope to become rich. They have their own products and services, and include other affiliated products as apart of their sales strategy. It makes sense to play it smart.

Remember, you needn't spend thousands of dollars in development costs to produce a website that sells. Withrepparttar 117991 right basic skills and a little effort, you can produce an income that rivals that of a top corporate boss with only a 1/10th ofrepparttar 117992 working pressure required.

Play it smart and prosper

John Nemes realizes that finance is an important part of ANY Internet venture. Play it smart and get the right finance you need. For full info,

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