Endangered Kids – Is Computing safe for Kids?

Written by ilaxi patel

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Lack of exercise and obesity

Many health professionals believe childhood obesity has increased lately in large part because children spend more time sitting in front of electronic media and less time actively playing, at home and school, and because they consume so many high-fat, high-sugar foods and junk stuff. Be it a television or Video game or Computers, children have found their way into modern technology with a bang. Children are prone to diabetes, a higly risk factor due to obesity and reports say may American children are on rise to diabetes. Lack of exercise is major problem as children are at loss of time divulged into many activities. Classroom learning is soon getting bookish and mugged up lessons.

Isolated lives

Many parents have become active with spending less hours of time together withrepparttar child thanrepparttar 107895 earlier years. Withrepparttar 107896 recent surge inrepparttar 107897 purchase of home computers, laptops, and home connections torepparttar 107898 Internet, as well as school connections, children are likely to spend even less time interacting face-to-face with parents, teachers, and friends. Television and Personal Computers are in every kid’s bedroom. The latest fad is gifting of Personal Computer on his birthday! Recent study estimates that children betweenrepparttar 107899 ages of 10 and 17 today will experience nearly one-third fewer face-to-face encounters with other people throughout their lifetimes as a result of their increasingly electronic culture, at home, school or classes. Many kids have started living isolated lives and disappear into their rooms to spend most of their time with this wonder technology media. Socially,repparttar 107900 kids are cutting themselves out and lackrepparttar 107901 little courtesies and emotional attachments.

Less self-motivation

Many girls find Computers boring or creative whereas boys plug on to playing more games. Young students often seem to be mesmerized by, and some even addicted to,repparttar 107902 action on their screens, rather than motivated to learn. A fascination with technology, Researchers caution, is notrepparttar 107903 same thing as a motivation to learn about educational subjects beyondrepparttar 107904 technology itself. Some mesmerizing educational soft wares may be more entertaining that education.

Stunt imagination

Less creativity has crept intorepparttar 107905 classroom with replacing of computer skills. Creative work draws on a child's own inner resources - including originality, playfulness in generating ideas, and vigor and perseverance in carrying them out. Similarly, imagination involvesrepparttar 107906 capacity to bring to life pictures of one's own in one's own mind. Children who are exposed to a heavy electronic diet of television,repparttar 107907 Internet, video games, and multimedia are bombarded with ready-made images, often cleverly animated and quickly swapped with a point and a click, literally leaving nothing torepparttar 107908 imagination. Entertained constantly and effortlessly, they are at loss of their imagination and find harder to generate their own images and ideas. Their limitation is up torepparttar 107909 visual effects on their minds ofrepparttar 107910 television, video game or computer.

Impaired Language & literacy The time spent with computers and other electronic media may distract both children and adults from directly communicating with one another, face to face, weaving togetherrepparttar 107911 rich variety of spoken and unspoken cues such interactions encourage. That, literacy experts warn, may place children at risk of language delays. In addition, too few chances for such communication, if extended throughout childhood, may permanently limit children's ability to express them in speech or in writing, to comprehend fully what they read, and even to understand. They are at loss to think logically and analytically. Before their vocabulary is built, kids are spoon feed to computers.

Moral Behavior & Emotional competence

The most important gift that parents can give a child to spur their mental development, is not a good education, elaborate educational toys, or summer camp, but time - regular, substantial chunks of it spent together doing things that are naturally appealing torepparttar 107912 child. Dr. Stanley I. Greenspan,repparttar 107913 former director ofrepparttar 107914 Clinical Infant Development Program atrepparttar 107915 National Institute of Mental Health, warn that an emphasis on computers in childhood exacerbatesrepparttar 107916 tendency for our increasingly rushed and impersonal culture to harmrepparttar 107917 emotional development of children. And that, they add, will take a toll on their intellectual, social, and moral development as well, because emotions guide human learning and behavior.Flooded commercialization ads on television, internet and hoardings call for attention as kids are exposed to not only games, child products but also drugs, pornography etc. Sites like mamamedia.com, sesamestreet.com and icanbuy.com make available targeted banner campaigns and desktop wallpaper downloads that emotionally effectrepparttar 107918 kids. They are children who are unable to cope withrepparttar 107919 slightest of frustrations, and lash out aggressively. They are entitled, demanding, impatient, disrespectful of authority, often disapproving of their peers, unempathetic and easily "wounded." Their numbers are increasing. We must take note of this disturbing trend and intervene with some urgency if we are to raise children who will care about others in society.

To sum up, these are our fundamental beliefs and concerns

* Childhood is a critical phase of life and must be protected to be fully experienced. It should not be hurried

* Each child deserves respect as an individual. Each needs help in developing his or her own unique capacities and in finding ways to weave them into a healthy social fabric.

* Children today are under tremendous stress and suffer increasingly from illnesses such as allergies, asthma, hyperactive disorders, obesity and depression. This stress must be trim down.

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Written by Muhammad Nasser Bey

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