End of the Free Ride; Many Top Search Engines & Directories Switching to Pay Model

Written by Merle

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5) NORTHERN LIGHT: http://www.northernlight.com/docs/regurl_help.html

Stillrepparttar same after all these years. They won't ask for your money, but they also won't make it easy for you to findrepparttar 128197 submission page either. Why they want to make it so difficult is beyond me; as a search engine you'd think they would want you to submit your website. Free if you can find it....I've made it easy for you.

6) LYCOS: http://home.lycos.com/addasite.html

Free to submit to but it can take up to 2 or 3 weeks for your URL to show up in their index. What do you expect for nothing?

7) YAHOO: http://docs.yahoo.com/info/suggest/

The king of directories no longer allows free submissions of commercial websites. Business Express listing is $199.00 with adult sites being charged a whopping $600.00 for repparttar 128198 same privilege. Sites are reviewed within seven days with no guarantee of a listing even after they've reviewed your site. So be prepared to lose your money if they don't feel your site is worthy enough to be listed in their superior directory.

8) INFOSPACE: http://www.infospace.com/info/submit.htm

Free to submit to but you'll need to fill out a pretty lengthy form to get listed. Infospace also borrows results from The Open Directory Project and Inktomi's database.

9) GOOGLE: http://www.google.com/addurl.html

Free to submit to with no guarantee of a listing. This is an important one as Yahoo pulls results from Google's directory as well as their own.

10) ASK JEEVES: mailto:url@askjeeves.com

This directory allows people to search by asking questions. Since it's backed by humans, you need to submit your site by email along with its URL and short description. Some suggest you also include a question that someone may type in when looking for a site like yours. No guarantee of a listing but definitely worth a shot due to Ask Jeeves' popularity.

So there you have it;repparttar 128199 top ten search engines and directories and their latest guidelines for submitting. By concentrating on getting your site listed with these major players you'll know your site is every- where it needs to be for optimum search engine traffic. Now getting it listed atrepparttar 128200 top is a whole different story, andrepparttar 128201 subject for another article.

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Gaining Critical Incremental Benefits in Search Positioning

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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3. Consider a paid subscription torepparttar well known and extremely useful "Submit Director" service which allows instantaneous ranking algorithms for your site on an as-needed basis so that you can see your site preciselyrepparttar 128196 wayrepparttar 128197 search engines do. This valuable tool provides multiple charts, graphs and page analytics to allow you to carefully craft and then tweak to your hearts content. A very worhthwhile investment for a one year subscription gives you an edge very few small business webmasters are even aware of. This program is heavily used by professional search engine optimizers. $149 for less than 50 pages and $189 for up to 100 pages.


4. The venerable First Place Software has just introducedrepparttar 128198 latest version 1.60 of their Web Position Gold ranking, submission and reporting tool and has version 2.0 in beta testing now. Those who have used this excellent software for their doorway page creation, submissions and reporting functions are well aware ofrepparttar 128199 time- saving and instructive nature of WPG for top search positioning and should consider purchasing or upgrading now to gain an edge onrepparttar 128200 late adopters. $149


5. Keep your eyes peeled for new developments in search such asrepparttar 128201 brand new Wisenut.com search engine. Wisenut has leapt out ofrepparttar 128202 starting gate withrepparttar 128203 bold claim that they outperform and index more ofrepparttar 128204 web thanrepparttar 128205 current leader Google. We'll see how that claim holds up asrepparttar 128206 competition to dominate search onrepparttar 128207 web offers a tough nut to crack. New programs, new partners and new players could bring new chances to place your site inrepparttar 128208 top ten of at least a couple ofrepparttar 128209 major search engines.


Searching forrepparttar 128210 best option for your limited web promotion budget will certainly lead to some of these choices over others, but with everyone beginning to charge for submission, listing and ranking, you had better make some choices and get moving if you want to be visible torepparttar 128211 search engines and it's imperative if you find your site ranked below #30 at any ofrepparttar 128212 major search engines.

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