End Time Events - The Miscellaneous Signs

Written by Michael Bradley

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5. Here isrepparttar verse about end time prophecy being sealed up untilrepparttar 140524 end of time - at which time this verse implies that God will then be opening up our understanding of it. This is an angel speaking to Daniel inrepparttar 140525 Old Testament after he just got done giving him visions and knowledge of what was coming atrepparttar 140526 end of times.
And he said, "Go your way, Daniel, forrepparttar 140527 words are closed up and sealed tillrepparttar 140528 time ofrepparttar 140529 end ... and none ofrepparttar 140530 wicked shall understand, butrepparttar 140531 wise shall understand." (Daniel 12:9)
All ofrepparttar 140532 above are what I callrepparttar 140533 miscellaneous signs that will start to take place as we start to approachrepparttar 140534 time of Jesus' 2nd coming to our earth. The next 7 are specific events that will take place in perfect chronological order. Only one of these events has come to pass at this time,repparttar 140535 other 6 have not.

The 7 year Great Tribulation will berepparttar 140536 countdown to when Jesus will come back. This 7 year Great Tribulation will berepparttar 140537 last 7 years on earth before Jesus comes back to us in His second coming. There’s an event that will occur right inrepparttar 140538 middle ofrepparttar 140539 Great Tribulation calledrepparttar 140540 "Abomination of Desolation." Once this events takes place,repparttar 140541 Bible tells us that there will then be exactly 42 months before Jesus comes back to our earth for His second coming - three and half years fromrepparttar 140542 time of this one event. The "Abomination of Desolation" will be whenrepparttar 140543 Antichrist seats himself up inrepparttar 140544 rebuilt Jewish Temple to proclaim himself to be God.

This event will be very easy to pick up once it happens withrepparttar 140545 technology that we now have in place to pick up news events as it is actually occurring throughoutrepparttar 140546 world. In my next series of end time articles, I will give a brief explanation ofrepparttar 140547 other 7 key events that will be occurring - with one of them having already occurred.

This isrepparttar 140548 2nd part of a 22 part series onrepparttar 140549 end times.

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Moslem America part 2

Written by Rev.A.R.Smith

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Mat 25:32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep fromrepparttar goats: Rev 20:8 And shall go out to deceiverepparttar 140388 nations which are inrepparttar 140389 four quarters ofrepparttar 140390 earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle:repparttar 140391 number of whom is asrepparttar 140392 sand ofrepparttar 140393 sea. Rev 18:3 For all nations have drunk ofrepparttar 140394 wine ofrepparttar 140395 wrath of her fornication, andrepparttar 140396 kings ofrepparttar 140397 earth have committed fornication with her, andrepparttar 140398 merchants ofrepparttar 140399 earth are waxed rich throughrepparttar 140400 abundance of her delicacies. Rev 16:19 Andrepparttar 140401 great city was divided into three parts, andrepparttar 140402 cities ofrepparttar 140403 nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto herrepparttar 140404 cup ofrepparttar 140405 wine ofrepparttar 140406 fierceness of his wrath. Time after time, warning from God torepparttar 140407 nations, not to become involved in unrightiousness which is coming from false religion and unholy alliances. If you noticedrepparttar 140408 listing of majour religions, Christianity and Muslems {Islam} are # 1 & #2. The rest will be swallowed up by Islam. Lets read an article I found today; Thursday, December 22, 2004 The new leader ofrepparttar 140409 ruling Fatah movement saidrepparttar 140410 Palestinians want to replace Israel with a state of their own. Fatah chief Farouk Khaddoumi saidrepparttar 140411 Palestinian strategy toward Israel was two-fold. Inrepparttar 140412 first stage, he said,repparttar 140413 Palestinians would accept a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Inrepparttar 140414 second stage,repparttar 140415 Palestinians would seek to eliminaterepparttar 140416 Jewish state. In November, Khaddoumi replacedrepparttar 140417 late Yasser Arafat as leader of Fatah, Middle East Newsline reported. "At this stage there will be two states," Khaddoumi told Iran's Al Aram television last week. "Many years from now, there will be only one." Khaddoumi, who regards himself as Palestinian foreign minister, said he was confident that Israel would be eliminated. He said he always opposed Israel's existence and citedrepparttar 140418 Arab numerical superiority overrepparttar 140419 Jewish state. "[There are] 300 million Arabs, while Israel has onlyrepparttar 140420 sea behind it," Khaddoumi said. Khaddoumi said his platform was endorsed byrepparttar 140421 PLO in 1974. He saidrepparttar 140422 strategy called for a phased plan that would establish authority over any territory obtained from Israel, concluding with an Arab war to destroyrepparttar 140423 Jewish state. [On Thursday,repparttar 140424 Palestinian Authority launchedrepparttar 140425 first municipal elections inrepparttar 140426 West Bank and Gaza Strip in more than 25 years. The PA has been promising such elections since 1996.] The Fatah chief played downrepparttar 140427 powers of PA ministers. Khaddoumi saidrepparttar 140428 Fatah Central Committee markedrepparttar 140429 source of authority forrepparttar 140430 PA and Cabinet. "The Palestinian Authority is a partial authority," Khaddoumi said. "It is a local government, just like any local government in any country. We shouldn't delude ourselves that these 'ministers' are actually ministers." [On Thursday, Palestinian gunners fired 30 mortar rounds intorepparttar 140431 Gush Katif community inrepparttar 140432 central Gaza Strip. The attack was launched fromrepparttar 140433 Khan Yunis refugee camp hours after Israeli forces leftrepparttar 140434 area.] Copyright © 2004 East West Services, Inc Remember this verse? Luke 21:24 And they shall fall byrepparttar 140435 edge ofrepparttar 140436 sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down ofrepparttar 140437 Gentiles, untilrepparttar 140438 times ofrepparttar 140439 Gentiles be fulfilled. End Part 2.

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