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Encrypt ASP code The program let's you protect asp source and make impossible people to reuse parts of it in their own asp projects. This is a very useful feature if you are an asp developer and you have to give a code created by you to some third parties - they will be able to userepparttar encrypted asp code without any problems, but they will not be able to see how it works and copy parts of it.

HTML Password protection for websites or individual web pages Encrypt HTML source v2.0 let's you password protect html files. You can also password protect website entirely. Each file can be set to require a password in order to be viewed. This way you can secure a part of your site and make it available only to certain visitors who haverepparttar 149794 password needed to accessrepparttar 149795 password encrypted area.

Main features:

- full website encryption with just a few clicks! - advanced and highly configurable batch protection options allow you to encrypt either a single file, a list of predefined files or entire websites at once - with a different set of protection options specified for each file individually.

- many additional security options - you can disablerepparttar 149796 right mouse click, text selection, page printing, offline usage andrepparttar 149797 ability to take screenshots from protected files. You can also password protect encrypted html files and prohibit linking them from other websites or opening them in frameset files that belong to other sites. Internet Explorer Image Toolbar (available in IE 6.0 and later versions) can also be disabled.

- user friendly - although extremely powerful, Encrypt HTML source code v.2.0 is very easy to use. The interface is clean and neat, even novice users can start usingrepparttar 149798 program withoutrepparttar 149799 need of readingrepparttar 149800 Help files - almost allrepparttar 149801 features are self-explanatory and their usage is intuitive. Of course a detailed information about all program features is available inrepparttar 149802 Help file.

- language independent - full support for non-English websites. Sites that have Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Russian or whatever other texts in them will be encrypted correctly, no matter what character set is used.

- password protect web page using 256 bit html password protection. You can either secure only selected web pages or password protect web site entirely. In such case you can choose between askingrepparttar 149803 visitors forrepparttar 149804 password for every web page or prompting them only once - forrepparttar 149805 first secured web page they visit. If you chooserepparttar 149806 option to prompt them once, your visitors will not be asked to enter a password forrepparttar 149807 rest ofrepparttar 149808 pages they visit. This is a very useful feature if you want to password protect website completely - all your files will be secured, but your visitors will not be annoyed with prompts for each file they want to see.

- free upgrades - all registered users will receive lifetime free upgrades forrepparttar 149809 next versions we will release. Most software developers require that you pay in order to upgrade torepparttar 149810 new major (or even minor) versions of their products - we do not.

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HTML Password Prot. One-click HTML and text protection tool for your web pages and offline documents

Aerotags Search Expert Create a unique search tool based on JavaScript for your website to make it more usable.

HTML2Zip HTML compression utility, usesrepparttar 149811 ZIP algorithm for compression HTML files.

TagsLock Pro A program to enhance Web site and block email extractors

TagsLock CGI Perl scripts to enhance Web site, block email grabbers and Site rippers

Aerotags Flash Design Draw more visitors to your Web sites! We offer you original logos and menus made in Macromedia Flash.

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Realtors hit a Home Run with your email marketing

Written by Tim O'Keefe

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At this point there is very little or no loyalty to you or your website. As long asrepparttar info flows, and they can get your MLS listings they will be happy enough to revisit your site, if for onlyrepparttar 149703 new home listings.

So in order to breed loyalty and afinity you must do a few specific actions.

Get yourself an Autoreponder/Drip Email system.

These automatic email systems communicate with your prospect while you sleep. You write your letters and articles once. Andrepparttar 149704 system will send a mailer on pre-programmed days for ever. Until your prospect raises their hand and says I am interested to take this relationship torepparttar 149705 next level.

Take your list and segment them. Why would you segment your visitors? Because they think they arerepparttar 149706 most important person inrepparttar 149707 world. And if you want them to think you arerepparttar 149708 most important Realtor inrepparttar 149709 world, you have to make them important first.

This goes eons beyond dividing your prospects into buyers and sellers, and hot, medium and cold. Your email communications to a 30 year Vet at IBM should convey a unique tone and context diferent than your typical communication with say a self employed-entreupreneiral Contractor.

Educate & Interact

When you can get someone to have an "aha" experience, you often times will etch out a piece of their brain for you. Congratulations! You have now risen above just Real Estate agent. You are aboverepparttar 149710 rest because you have become not just someone who sells real estate. But someone who cares enough to takerepparttar 149711 time to care for this person who isrepparttar 149712 most important person inrepparttar 149713 world.

How? Teach them and get them to move alongrepparttar 149714 sales funnel by bringing them to your site to learn and or get valuable and free reports.

I am not talking aboutrepparttar 149715 typical pre-written Real Estate articles and newsletters. You need to pour blood and write from your experience, from your heart. Would you sendrepparttar 149716 object of your affection a templated love letter from a book? What would her reaction be? Thatsrepparttar 149717 same reaction you will get from your prospect.

Your personality and expertise will shine thru and you will seperate yourself from allrepparttar 149718 others whom are too lazy to prove that they are an expert. Which is why when you do it, you will profit handsomely.

As you get your real estate prospect to interact with you and your site. You can ask them to reveal more and more until you have enough information to segment them, and take them torepparttar 149719 next level of your relationship. And then perhaps they will want to do more than just "go out with you".

Tim O'Keefe is President of Spider Juice Technologies and is an expert at all phases of online marketing from Search Engine Optimization, Lead Capture and Converting Leads to Sales. Tim O'Keefe Spider Juice Technologies Real Estate Marketing Blog 310-533-9145

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