Enabling Sarbanes-Oxley Security Monitoring Compliance

Written by Phil Hollows

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exploits launched internally), prove that security polices are being correctly followed, and provide an integral framework to identify threats and guide incident responses in a consistent, compliant, approved manner. The white paper also discusses how SIM can make enterprise security relevant to business operations, by aligning risk, threats and responses torepparttar lines of business affected.


Phil Hollows is responsible for marketing at OpenService.

The Permissive Environment is the Perpetrator

Written by Felix P. Nater

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In Assessingrepparttar above scenariorepparttar 131998 root cause ofrepparttar 131999 confrontation wasrepparttar 132000 unabated name calling, verbal abuse and innuendos, in a contributory and improperly supervised environment. Supervisors who fail to step in can be held civilly liable and responsible for their failure to act early or appropriately to prevent escalation or confrontations. In cases of death or serious injury between employees or customers, wrongful death law suits are often filed in addition to criminal prosecution. Not knowing is no longer a legitimate excuse. When supervisors fail to act appropriately, management hasrepparttar 132001 burden of investigating repparttar 132002 incident, dealing withrepparttar 132003 issue ofrepparttar 132004 aggressor over repparttar 132005 contributory behavior ofrepparttar 132006 instigator and decide on repparttar 132007 appropriate progressive actions (disciplinary or referral to local police) necessary.

And, so while a Zero Tolerance Policy is necessary and highly recommended, it should not be an absolute standard in administering discipline untilrepparttar 132008 "root cause" ofrepparttar 132009 contributory behavior becomes clear throughrepparttar 132010 Assessment Process. When controlling or addressingrepparttar 132011 potential fruits of unwelcome behavior or to more appropriately, prevent incidents dealing with a Workplace Security Issue, every situation should not be resolved inrepparttar 132012 same manner withrepparttar 132013 same administrative decision. Any broad-brush approach to enforcingrepparttar 132014 Zero Tolerance Policy soursrepparttar 132015 innocent bystanders and prejudicesrepparttar 132016 potential witnesses who may fear retaliation or retribution, factors which may further complicaterepparttar 132017 disciplinary process and/or criminal referral.

President of Nater Associates a security management firm specializing in workplace violence prevention. Felix retired as a postal inspector with 30 years experience.

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