Employment Taxes – What Are They?

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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In general, you must deposit these taxes by check or cash to an authorized financial institution, typically your bank. Check with your tax professional to make sure you are not required to userepparttar Electronic Federal Tax Deposit System (EFTPS). Regardless ofrepparttar 149651 payment method, you will then report them on Form 941,repparttar 149652 Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return

Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)

FUTA is a combined federal and state program that provides unemployment compensation torepparttar 149653 unemployed. As a business owner, you are solely responsible for paying this tax, to wit, nothing is withheld fromrepparttar 149654 paychecks of your employees. FUTA is determined by using Form 940, but you are encouraged to use a tax professional to determine payment amounts.

Employment taxes can be frustrating for a small business owner. They are, unfortunately, a necessary evil as your business grows.

Richard Chapo is with Business Tax Recovery - Obtaining tax refunds for small businesses for overpaid taxes. Go to our article section to discover tax strategies and deductions.

Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Direct Sales Company

Written by Susie Cortright

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5. Compensation Plan. Each direct sales plan is different, and it's important to look overrepparttar fine print. What isrepparttar 149650 commission rate and how is it paid? How are you awarded for recruiting others? How doesrepparttar 149651 company handle breakaways?

6. Control. How much control do you have overrepparttar 149652 way you build and promote your business? Ask to seerepparttar 149653 company "rule book" before signing on.

7. Support. What kind of support networks are in place? How involved inrepparttar 149654 business is your upline? (Is your upline able to answer repparttar 149655 questions in this article, for example?) How quickly does he/she return phone calls and emails?

8. Advertising. What kind of advertising and promotion doesrepparttar 149656 company deem acceptable? Most companies have rules forrepparttar 149657 way their logo and trademarks are represented, both online and off.

9. Accessibility. Doesrepparttar 149658 company offer exclusive products? Also, take a look atrepparttar 149659 level of saturation in your particular market. A newer company that offers quality products may hold a lot of promise in your particular industry.

10. E-commerce. Doesrepparttar 149660 company have an e-commerce option? Many direct sales companies are now offering replicated websites so each representative can promote an individual online presence. A few direct sales companies even have shopping carts alongside these websites so you can make sales online, too, withrepparttar 149661 product dropshipped fromrepparttar 149662 home office.

Take your time researching your options. When you have foundrepparttar 149663 company that's right for you, you'll know it.

About the author: Susie Cortright is the creator of the award-winning online magazine http://www.momscape.com as well as a representative for a rapidly growing new direct sales company. Learn about the company she chose here: http://www.momscape.com/scrapbooking/business.htm

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