Employee Appreciation at it's Best

Written by Bob Bassett

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When choosing a corporate gift basket that contains food items, either for a customer or employee, make sure to take into account dietary considerations. You don't want to give a diabetic a basket of candy or a vegetarian a selection of smoked sausages. Make sure you are aware of any allergiesrepparttar recipient may have to dairy products, nuts, and other common ingredients.

A corporate gift basket is a good way to thank both your employees and customers, and show them how valuable they are to you. Withrepparttar 141604 range of choices, it's possible to find something for everyone and show them each a personal touch.

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Communicating Across Time Horizons

Written by Robert F. Abbott

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So, how do you handle messages to people who have different time horizons than you? First, be aware ofrepparttar possibility that they may exist. Ask a few probing questions that help you find differences.

Second, use visualizations that help others imaginerepparttar 141335 future, and how they'll fit into that picture. For example, companies that sell retirement packages spend a lot of money trying to get us to imagine ourselves basking in luxury on a tropical beach.

Third, don't just talk about that future time in an abstract way. Personalize it by explaining how it will affectrepparttar 141336 person you're addressing. Give that person a stake inrepparttar 141337 future you foresee.

Fourth, get to that future time in steps, not in one big jump. Don't ask a 25 year old to visualize where she'll be at age 65. Instead, talk to her aboutrepparttar 141338 typical life styles at ages 35, 45, 55, and 65.

Finally, putrepparttar 141339 processes into reverse if someone else asks you to visualize a time horizon that's unfamiliar. Ask yourself what kind of assumptions and visions he brings to his scenario, and adjust accordingly.

In summary, different time horizons can be a barrier to good communication. To overcome these potential barriers you start by first recognizingrepparttar 141340 possibility of their existence. If they do exist you can use visualization, personalization, and a series of time steps rather than one big jump.

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