Emphasize Your Decor Style in Seven Easy Ways

Written by Julie Dana

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4. Frame an authentic object that is original torepparttar country or era. This simple task does not have to be expensive. Old Postcards from Italy for your Tuscany Villa Style or wine labels from France for a European Look will add authenticity and personal touch torepparttar 100007 décor.

5. Purchase a large coffee table book to demonstrate that décor. Large beautiful books can subtly emphasisrepparttar 100008 style you enjoy. The book does need to be a decor books but rather a topic that is related torepparttar 100009 style. For example, a Vintage Advertisements forrepparttar 100010 Shabby Chic look, or Andy Warhol book forrepparttar 100011 Metro-Modern look.

6. Use plants or flowers that coordinate withrepparttar 100012 décor. The greenery can be real or artificial as long as they look healthy. Nothing spoils a designer-look like a dying plant. Use cactus forrepparttar 100013 Southwestern look or a great palm tree forrepparttar 100014 Tropical style.

7. Review all you accents and accessories to make sure they blend with your new found style. By reviewing each element individually to see if it blends (not necessary perfectly matches), you can make sure you have a well-coordinated look. Look for a geometric patterned pillow for a Modern look; search for fringed lampshades for an Old World style.

Remember decorating is a process. Searching for those perfect accessories to emphasize your style is part ofrepparttar 100015 fun. These tips will help you addrepparttar 100016 style you want torepparttar 100017 home you love.

Julie Dana is a professional Interior Redesigner and Accredited Staging Professional. Her company, The Home Stylist, offers online decorating consultations, do-it-yourself decorating plans and real-estate staging. Visit http:/www.thehomestylist.com/ to take a fun style quiz, vote on a color poll, and sign up for free decorating e-newsletter.

Mahogany's Beauty and Durability Makes it Ideal for Deck Construction

Written by Mark Donovan

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Second, when installingrepparttar decking material, I found it aesthetically most attractive to create a frame onrepparttar 100006 outside perimeter ofrepparttar 100007 deck surface using long Mahogany boards. Oncerepparttar 100008 outer frame is installed,repparttar 100009 main Mahogany decking boards can be simply installed within this outer framework. The result is a cleaner line when viewed from a distance or standing onrepparttar 100010 deck itself.

Regardingrepparttar 100011 Railing system, screws and bolts should be used exclusively asrepparttar 100012 material use in this part ofrepparttar 100013 deck is typically thicker and requires more rigidity.

Painting, Staining or Sealing

Mahogany takes paint and stain well, however I have preferred to apply a clear sealer. The clear sealer enablesrepparttar 100014 natural red color ofrepparttar 100015 Mahogany to shine through, while still providing a layer of protection fromrepparttar 100016 environement. Typically I re-applyrepparttar 100017 clear sealer every year to continue to preserverepparttar 100018 color. If you do not,repparttar 100019 Mahogany will bleach out.

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Over the past 20+ years Mr. Donovan has been involved with building homes and home additions. Mr. Donovan's formal education & profession have been as an Electrical Engineer & Marketing Manager.

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