Emerging Methods for Effective Search Engine Ranking

Written by Lee Traupel

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Keyword Saturation: Search engine "spiders" or "bots" are automated software applications that constantly roamrepparttar web to assess what is called "keyword saturation" via web site content (pages) to identify how a site should be listed in a search engine database. They typically look for 3-7% usage of keywords versusrepparttar 128331 text on a specific page - you must adhere to their standards if you want to achieve keyword rankings for your selected keywords. And, to further complicate matters, top tier search engines all have different rules for keyword saturation - we highly recommend and use this software application to help us ascertain and setuprepparttar 128332 correct keyword saturation for our client's web sites: http://www.se-optimizer.com/

Optimized Content: Highly optimized content is still very important as far as search engines are considered -repparttar 128333 more search engine optimized content on a web siterepparttar 128334 better. Search engines prefer content that is thematically grouped, loads fast, is textual with minimal graphics, is highly optimized for keywords (keyword saturation fundamentals are addressed) and incorporates one or two of your primary keywords for a specific page inrepparttar 128335 page title.

Site Maps Essential: Site maps are frequently overlooked when search engine ranking processes are deployed. A site map not only serves as a quick reference and/or navigation guide for anyone visiting your web site but it's also used by search engines to "crawl" (the action a spider or bot takes to review your web site) your web site to find pages and links. Make sure you include a basic site map in your optimization plans, it's very important to help search engines navigate through your site.

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Invisible web content? Yes it exists!

Written by jim Peters

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Now perform that same search using medicine and database.

Now we look atrepparttar search string "medicine and database. First you'll notice thatrepparttar 128330 search e-source tells us that our "and" is not necessary (see article "Search withrepparttar 128331 power of Boolean operators" inrepparttar 128332 OU Interactive Library)

We have returned 1,390,000 results. (More than 16 million less thanrepparttar 128333 above search) Not only have we eliminated many millions of useless data references, but we have produced a much narrower search field with highly pertinent information to be found inrepparttar 128334 hundreds of databases we are now able to peruse.

This type of searching will produce highly targeted results without having to dig through millions of rag tag commercial sites, message boards and discussion lists. You'll generally find that these results come without all of heavy graphics and hype you'll fine with a wider search method.

"Your Success Is Our Success"


[ jim Peters is Manager of NSI "SOLUTIONS". NSI specializes in custom website design,promotion, maintenance, domain registration ,site hosting ,site and graphic design, as well as e-commerce packages for small to medium sized companies. In other words "SOLUTIONS".]

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