Emergency! Gas Fire!

Written by Thomas Yoon

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There were sufficient people to operate 3 hose teams. While one team approachrepparttar flaming area with a water-wall spray, another two teams directedrepparttar 119508 water torepparttar 119509 top ofrepparttar 119510 LPG tanks with water jet for cooling.

After a while, it was discovered that there was a casualty. Somebody has been overcome byrepparttar 119511 smoke and has fainted. He has also sustained a fracture on his arm. The first aid team was called in, and they rendered first aid torepparttar 119512 victim.

Within a few minutes,repparttar 119513 fire was put off, andrepparttar 119514 building was no longer in danger.

Fortunately, this was not a real fire. It was just a simulation, using real LPG gas and burning in a controlled manner. This was done to giverepparttar 119515 ERT members some feel ofrepparttar 119516 real thing, to check on our readiness, coordination, and skills so that they can improve and develop their actions.

This type of simulation was very beneficial torepparttar 119517 ERT members as it gave them a first hand knowledge of what to expect in an actual situation.

Think safety...

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7 ways to make a GREAT first impression!

Written by Lee Hopkins

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Which do you reckon will be more impressive: you gloating about your wins and toys, or you lettingrepparttar other person have their 15 minutes of fame?

Good manners, as well as psychological research, dictate that to impress your guest you should always keep atrepparttar 119507 forefront of your mindrepparttar 119508 question, "How am I makingrepparttar 119509 other person feel?"

Actively encourage others to talk about themselves, and respond genuinely --- without bringing it back to yourself.

6. Focus on their achievements Use flattery sparingly but powerfully by focusing onrepparttar 119510 other person's achievements, not their personal attributes. Even if they suspect you might be brown-nosing, they will still get a warm glow from a well-directed compliment. "You have a great eye for colour; I really like how you have putrepparttar 119511 office decor together" is more flattering than, "Nice office".

"I like your new BMW - you must be a real asset torepparttar 119512 company for them to give it to you" is more flattering than, "So who did you suck up to?"

Similarly, "You have a great eye for colour; I really like how you've put your wardrobe together" works better than, "You look totally shaggable in that dress".

7. It's never too late Remember, there's very little that is unfixable in our interpersonal business relationships. There is usually always another chance to fix false first impressions.

Let's say you arrive at a meeting late, having just copped a parking ticket fromrepparttar 119513 previous appointment. Your mood is not, as they might say, triumphant and glowing. Instead of responding appropriately to a new acquaintance's polite greeting, you mumble a grumpy 'yeah' and drop your laptop bag unceremonially into a nearby chair.

Okay, not a good start. But step outsiderepparttar 119514 room for a moment, take a deep breath, count to seven (ten is too long a pause) re-enterrepparttar 119515 room and look your acquaintance inrepparttar 119516 eye. Apologise and explain why you are out of sorts. You might even want to turn it into a joke by saying something like, "I see you just met my evil twin."

And remember to cut others some slack if they make a bad first impression on you, too! What comes around, goes around...

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