Email on the Road

Written by Richard Lowe

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Now that you've got a service you can pick up your email. Be sure to checkrepparttar box which says "leave email on server" or "do not delete messages" or something like that, unless you are absolutely sure you want to delete them. What this does is leaverepparttar 109669 messages on your POP server until you read them with your normal email client.

Okay, now what? Well, when you travel you can find a place to read your email. Let's say you are at a convention. You could find a kiosk which allows for internet access and viola, you can read your email. Sometimesrepparttar 109670 salespeople will let you use one of their screens if they think you might be or might become a customer. Airports, libraries and other places also commonly have computer and internet access for a fee.

Some cautions are in order here. By their very nature these kinds of public systems are not secure. Just be sure you use your common sense and don't do anything you would not want to broadcast torepparttar 109671 entire planet. Also, be surerepparttar 109672 email service that you choose storesrepparttar 109673 password for you - never enter your email account password on a public system. Thus, you should enter your password once - when you set uprepparttar 109674 email account.

It's also a good idea to change your POP email account password more often, most especially after you return from your traveling.

Personally, I prefer to carry a laptop or handheld device (such as a palm pilot or Jornada) with me when I travel. This way I can pick up my email fromrepparttar 109675 hotel room or anywhere I can find an ethernet jack, without worrying aboutrepparttar 109676 inherent security issues of using a public system.

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Email . . . Lookin' Good!

Written by Todd N. Thompson

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I know you will agree that example # 2 is a much better looking email message than message #1. In fact, I bet you have deleted email that looked like #1, because ofrepparttar way it looked. Right?

Don't let your email messages suffer this tragic fate because you did not takerepparttar 109668 time to make them look Good.

Steps to Writing Good Looking Emails

Limit Character width to 60. Use a hard return (that means hitrepparttar 109669 'enter' key when you get to 60 characters, or before 60 ifrepparttar 109670 next word is long). I create my messages using Textpad. TextPad is a powerful, general purpose editor for plain text files. Easy to use, with allrepparttar 109671 features a power user requires. ( Go to: TextPad.Com and downloadrepparttar 109672 trial copy. )

Avoid using ALL CAPITAL letters. This is viewed as 'screaming' inrepparttar 109673 cyber world.

If writing your messages in HTML, use font color 'black' forrepparttar 109674 text of your messages and use color fonts to 'accent' specific words.

Always use blank lines between paragraphs and between your signature file andrepparttar 109675 cordial exit (Thanks, Sincerely.. etc).

A good looking email is a short message with impact . . . not a 'book'!

Todd N. Thompson is an Internet marketing consultant, speaker and marketing expert. You can view his latest project, the "Royal Responder", the best follow-up autoresponse service available on the internet today, at

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