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Written by Todd N. Thompson

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I know you will agree that example # 2 is a much better looking email message than message #1. In fact, I bet you have deleted email that looked like #1, because ofrepparttar way it looked. Right?

Don't let your email messages suffer this tragic fate because you did not takerepparttar 109668 time to make them look Good.

Steps to Writing Good Looking Emails

Limit Character width to 60. Use a hard return (that means hitrepparttar 109669 'enter' key when you get to 60 characters, or before 60 ifrepparttar 109670 next word is long). I create my messages using Textpad. TextPad is a powerful, general purpose editor for plain text files. Easy to use, with allrepparttar 109671 features a power user requires. ( Go to: TextPad.Com and downloadrepparttar 109672 trial copy. )

Avoid using ALL CAPITAL letters. This is viewed as 'screaming' inrepparttar 109673 cyber world.

If writing your messages in HTML, use font color 'black' forrepparttar 109674 text of your messages and use color fonts to 'accent' specific words.

Always use blank lines between paragraphs and between your signature file andrepparttar 109675 cordial exit (Thanks, Sincerely.. etc).

A good looking email is a short message with impact . . . not a 'book'!

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Use Your E-mail Address As a Branding Tool

Written by Wanda Losko

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To register a domain name, you might want to use a special name-find tool at -- it allows you to search forrepparttar domain names containing your specific key words. Excellent time saving device!

When choosing your domain name keep this in mind:

-> Select a name that is not only easy to pronounce and easy to spell -- make sure that it spellsrepparttar 109667 same way as it sounds.

-> Avoid hyphens, numbers and abbreviations to prevent future confusion -- unless registering both versions -- for example, I registered both domain names: and

-> Chances are thatrepparttar 109668 name you really want is not available as dot-com anymore. If so, select another, less perfect name, but try to get dot-com before you opt for .net or .org -- or any other extensions. -> Make it is as short as possible. Yes, virtually all one word domain names with dot-com extension are taken, but don't give up too easily on two-word names. There are still many great ones available.

-> Three, or even four-word domain names can be good too if they are not too long. Make sure you count syllables as well. If it is easy to pronounce and under six syllables, most likely it is fine (my has 3 words and 6 syllables for example)

Using your own domain name is not only cost-free branding tool. In addition this type of email address adds instant credibility to your correspondence and - even more important - your e-mail address will stayrepparttar 109669 same even when you change your ISP (and most likely you will, trust me!).

Wanda Loskot is Internet Marketing Coach. Sign up for her FREE course "7 Strategies For Lasting Internet Success" -- learn what you need to know about Internet marketing in just one short e-mail per day. To subscribe go to

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