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Written by James D. Brausch

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Article Submissions

Remember that opt-in newsletter? Remember how discouraging it was to write articles for it when you only had a handful of subscribers? Take a break. Add a form to your site allowing visitors to submit articles. Promise them that you'll be sure to give credit. Many will be willing to submit an article just to see their name in your newsletter. If your newsletter has a really small subscriber list, offer to post articles on your site as well. Offer a free link to webmasters who submit articles. This will give you a chance to take a break from writing everything for your own newsletter.

It also gives you someone else to email. You should ask for an email address on your article submission form. The same rules apply here. If you can userepparttar article, send them an email and tell them when you plan to use it. In this case, you can feel more than comfortable to ask them to sign-up for your newsletter. They will want to see their own article; right?

Newsletter Publishers In Your Market

Speaking of your newsletter, let's strike out a little bit. So far we've been emailing people who have come to our site for some reason or another. That's great. Everything have been 100% opt-in and only by invitation.

Let's takerepparttar 109630 next step. Let's send someone an email who has never filled out a form on our site, nor sent us an email. Wait! Isn't that spam? Isn't it wrong to sent unsolicited email? No; what I am about to discuss is NOT spam, nor is it unsolicited. Let's turnrepparttar 109631 tables around. Inrepparttar 109632 last section, we talked about sending email to people who submit articles to your newsletter. That's OK, because we were responding to an email.

Was it spam when they sent yourepparttar 109633 article submission? No; of course not. You invited them to submit an article to your newsletter. Guess what? You aren't alone. There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of other newsletters out there who want article submissions. Remember those articles you wrote for your own newsletter? Share them. You will be sending an email torepparttar 109634 newsletter publisher (which could lead to other possibilities). You will also haverepparttar 109635 potential of being published in their newsletter. Now you have reached a whole new group of people.

Websites In Your Market With Link Directories

It doesn't stop there. If there are dozens or hundreds of newsletter publishers in your market, there are even more websites with link directories. They are easy to find. Search for your topic along withrepparttar 109636 words "submit", "add url", "links" and other similar words. So if you have a site about "horses", do a search on your favority search engine for:

Horses submit Horses add url Horses links

Then either fill out their form (if they have one) or send them an email proposing a link trade. Either way, they will respond to your email. This isrepparttar 109637 time to send a "thank you" note. Remember all ofrepparttar 109638 above tips about not being pushy and leaping forrepparttar 109639 sale. Instead, remember that they are a fellow webmaster in your market. After thanking them forrepparttar 109640 link exchange, mentionrepparttar 109641 same things you would mention to a webmaster who filled out your own form for a link exchange.


Don't have an affiliate program yet? You need to start one. This is where you pay other webmasters for selling your product/service. You need to have a form where they can signup.

You knowrepparttar 109642 rest. Ask them for their email address. When they make a sale, send them an email and tell them about it. I guarantee you that no affiliate will resent that email. Most affiliates will also be grateful for an occasional email offering tips on improving their sales.


I think you haverepparttar 109643 idea. There are literally dozens of groups of people you can and should email regularly. When you receive an email from anyone, you should be asking yourself how you can help that person. Then do it. If you can help that person by answering a question... do it. If you can help them by adding a link to their site... do that. Then drop them an email and let them know you did it. You never need to be afraid of spam complaints if you keep these tips in mind. You never need to be discouraged about not having enough opt-in subscribers for your newsletter either. There are plenty of people who want to hear from you. Reach out and help them.

James D. Brausch, is the Vice President of Marketing for Target Blaster, Inc., an Internet Marketing firm specializing in targeted traffic.

How to Build Spam-Free Email Campaigns

Written by Bill Platt

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Ezine advertising is a great method of building business, but this too is very risky depending on your type of business. Knowing where to place your ads is alwaysrepparttar greatest challenge. Some ezines are great and some are dogs. Some are expensive and some are inexpensive. Determiningrepparttar 109629 strength of your ad copy is tantamount to your success before spending a single dime on advertising in ezines.

There are ezines offering free ads, but they are not worth much to your advertising bottom line. Most of these ezines don't have a solid buyers base to them at all. Rather, they are mostly comprised of sellers who were searching forrepparttar 109630 freebie advertisements. Justrepparttar 109631 same, you can use these to test your ads before taking your money torepparttar 109632 paid ezines. This is just one of hundreds of ways to test your ads before purchasing expensive ad space.

Other ways to test your ads is to place them in classified ad websites, in safe-lists, in general advertising or niche mailing lists. You could run them in low-cost ezines. You can also set them up as independent doorway pages which are submitted to search engines.

There are also FFA pages that can be used for testing, but I generally recommend against FFA pages becauserepparttar 109633 return is so very, vary low byrepparttar 109634 nature of how FFA pages are operated and used. In my mind, FFA pages simply are not worthrepparttar 109635 time or money that you invest in them.

Sites like permit you to place your ads in their directory and then send your message to people who will place their advertisements through your replicated SubmitAds website. If you were adventurous, SubmitAds actually sports a nice pay program to enable you to send email to everyone in their network atrepparttar 109636 intervals you decide. You may even earn a few additional dollars by participating in their program.

No matter what approach you take to place and test your advertising and ad copy, you should be running some type of tracking to determinerepparttar 109637 effectiveness of your advertising in circulation. Without some method of tracking being employed, your test results are based only upon guess work. Inrepparttar 109638 real world of business, guess work just does not cut it. You need to know precisely what is working for you and what is not working for you.

There is no better way to determine what works and what does not than to employ some type of ad tracking software. There are a few companies employing such services, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, and each with very different pricing structures.

Shop around and see which ad tracking software is best for you and then use it to make a realistic determination as to what is working and what is not. Test your ads and your advertising mediums and trackrepparttar 109639 results produced by each. And whenrepparttar 109640 day is done, move forward with what has proven successful and then discardrepparttar 109641 rest.

Bill Platt is co-owner of By providing their users the ability to measure and track results connected to a specific ad or advertising media, PathTrax is helping small businesses expand the profits in their bottom line. PathTrax delivers flexible tracking URL's to track Who, Where, When, How Many? All for only pennies per day.,14

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