Email Scam Warnings!

Written by BB Lee

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They would like to transfer this huge sum of money to your personal bank account (lucky you?) You asrepparttar owner ofrepparttar 109528 bank account are promised a large percentage of their millions!

Next, they might request you send them your bank account info, a copy of your business letterhead, your business card. Many will then askrepparttar 109529 victim to send good old American Dollars to cover transfer taxes in advance!

These Internet Fraud Artist are very adept at baiting a hook, tossing out a line, and reeling in potential victims. If you receive one of their fraudulent email pleas for help contact your local authorities or email provider immediately.

Signs Of An Email Scam Follow:

1. Any deal too good to be true. 2. Email originates from Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Europe. 3. Letters claiming ties to high ranking government officials. 4. Request for advance payment in US dollars for transfer fees. 5. Request for personal banking information. 6. Statements you have a undisclosed mutual friend.

People Most susceptible To Scams:

1. People looking to get rich quick. 2. Naive types. 3. Newbs online. 4. The Elderly.

Takerepparttar 109530 time to passrepparttar 109531 information on to defeat Internet fraud artist. Only through education, awareness, and taking responsibility will these fraud artist be stopped.

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BB Lee is editor of SmallBizBits News. A Free home based business newsletter.

What is Gmail?

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Unlike MSN and Yahoo! Google’s approach to space was a little more liberal. Google provides 1000 MB of storage space so you would never have to worry about limited space requirements. All messages are displayed intact as well asrepparttar replies. Messages can be searched upon as well. Google’s approach was to give as much flexibility torepparttar 109527 user sorepparttar 109528 user in turn would use only Google.

Much likerepparttar 109529 anti-pop up ad theory of The Google Toolbar, there will be an anti-Spam product built into Gmail that will help thwart out unsolicited email.

Currently, new users can ask for a preview address from Google, although there is no guarantee they will get one. Interested parties should go to and fill in their email addresses atrepparttar 109530 bottom ofrepparttar 109531 page.

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