Email Microtargeting

Written by David Moceri

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Forrepparttar higher quality (more targeted and uniform) audience, advertisers have traditionally paid a higher cost per impression, althoughrepparttar 109569 overall cost for advertisers is lower with email campaigns sincerepparttar 109570 number of impressions is lower. In addition,repparttar 109571 ability to modify and adaptrepparttar 109572 creative to confront rapidly changing marketing conditions makes this medium especially attractive and cost effective.

Our microtargeting approach has been very powerful. This strategy focuses on increasing market share--that is, on selling a product to as much ofrepparttar 109573 market as possible. Once a product succeeds on a microtargeting level, we can eventually modify it to appeal to a larger group. When properly and effectively executed, microtargeting leads back torepparttar 109574 masses.

Instead of trying to reachrepparttar 109575 greatest number of people, microtargeting focuses on earning more of an individual customer's business. This strategy doesn't target groups of customers, it targets units of one.

The foundation of our microtargeting approach lies inrepparttar 109576 idea that 80% of a company's business comes from 20% of its customers. The most active frequent fliers account forrepparttar 109577 bulk ofrepparttar 109578 airline profit. So, rather than aiming to reach all possible fliers, airlines realize they can more efficiently market themselves by trying to win overrepparttar 109579 top level, and by encouraging those frequent fliers to fly as frequently with them as possible.

Our microtargeting email practices help businesses provide better, more personal services. It is an equally effective strategy for both business acquisition and retention.

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8 Ways to Get More Email Addresses On Your List ... Today

Written by Cynthia King

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Give a Bullet List of Benefits

No matter how good your copy is,repparttar fact remains that surfers scan. By outlining your benefits in a bulleted list, you'll grab wandering eyes - and summarize your case nicely. Here's a sample bulleted list for a local Italian restaurant.

- Free "Taste of Italy" cookbook, with 25 easy to make recipes - Membership to our birthday club. On your special day, you're dinner's on us. - VIP coupons (free desserts, entrees, and wine) - Exclusive tasting nights. We close our doors torepparttar 109568 public - and invite you to sample our new menu first.

Give a Bulleted List of Objection Killers

Why aren't people signing up to your list? That little nagging voice in their head wondering if you'll spam them, if you'll email them to much, ifrepparttar 109569 emails will be boring. A short list of objection killers can take care of this nicely. Here's an example.

- You'll hear from us (and only us) once a week. If you get sick of us, you can easily say "no thanks" - We keep your email completely private - you'll only hear from us. Our privacy policy can be found here (link).

Make sure you do include a short version of your privacy policy in your list, with a link to your full privacy policy on a separate page. More and more surfers are looking for privacy policies every day.

Provide a Sample Email or Two

Ifrepparttar 109570 emails you send out are content filled and well written, by all means show a couple of them off. A lot of ezines are boring, poorly written, or worse, just blatant ads. If you show surfers that your emails are worthwhile, they'll be much more likely to sign up.

Make Your Ezine Ad Standout

Many marketers takerepparttar 109571 time to set up an email list, writerepparttar 109572 issues, and then bury or hiderepparttar 109573 sign up box.

Feature your sign up box as prominently as possible, using bright colors (I'm partial to a yellow background).

Include a photo in your ad when relevant. Diet ezine? Show a woman satisfied with her fit body. Parenting advice? Happy moms with their kids.

Experiment withrepparttar 109574 size and location of your sign up box. Does it work best onrepparttar 109575 side, aboverepparttar 109576 fold? Or inrepparttar 109577 middle of an article? Usually bigger is better when it comes to ads - but test unusual shapes (like a square or long rectangle) as well,

Don't Ask Them to "Join" or "Subscribe"

You can make your submit button say whatever you want, so why not re-enforce your marketing message with a strong call to action? "Get Your VIP Coupons" or "Download 7 Easy Ways To Look Younger"

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