Email Marketing - the end is nigh!

Written by Robert Palmer

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But I’m no Spammer, I hear you cry! No, but your legitimate email is going to have to sharerepparttar same inbox asrepparttar 131728 volumes of Spam and with only a Subject Line to stand out fromrepparttar 131729 crowd, is it any wonder that email is becoming so ineffective as a marketing tool?

Clearly, alternatives to email marketing need to be developed. One emerging technology being pioneered by three software houses inrepparttar 131730 UK is that of One-2-Many Broadcasting. Already employed byrepparttar 131731 BBC, Visa, and many other blue-chip Net companies, One-2-Many Broadcasting offers a far-improved method of communicating with customers than opt-in email marketing or newsletters and already being hailed asrepparttar 131732 THE next big marketing tool.

One-2-Many Broadcasting involvesrepparttar 131733 customer downloading a small client onto their PC. The customer can filter and influence what information they receive from withinrepparttar 131734 software client. Once installedrepparttar 131735 website can then communicate directly with that customer by broadcasting information in a wide range of formats, all of which is attractively presented directly ontorepparttar 131736 customer’s screen. Sounds frighteningly, intrusive doesn’t it? Well, not according torepparttar 131737 millions of people who are already receiving information fromrepparttar 131738 latest news through to film clips ofrepparttar 131739 latest movie releases. One London based soccer club, Arsenal, has reported a phenomenal take-up of their One-2-Many Broadcasting Service, with over 100,000 subscribers inrepparttar 131740 first 12 months of operating.

So will One-2-Many replace email marketing? Who knows, I suspect that overrepparttar 131741 coming years a variety of marketing alternatives will appear, of which One-2-Many will hold a share ofrepparttar 131742 market. In developing alternatives to email marketing one ofrepparttar 131743 major factors will and is that of price; emails are extremely cheap. Any alternative therefore, if it is to be successful, needs to be competitively priced and rich in unique features.

To date, One-2-Many Broadcasting has been relatively expensive and financially not an option for most small to medium sized businesses. Asrepparttar 131744 concept of One-2-Many marketing is developed, more and different software is likely to emerge, which will in itself introduce competition and hopefully lower prices.

For more information and reading on One-2-Many Broadcasting:

To experience One-2-Many Broadcasting:,,70061-1109118,00.html - Sky News Alerts – Arsenal FC

Robert Palmer is CEO of deskNET Communications and is a leading architect in the development of One-2-Many Broadcasting software.

Anyone Can Build a Web Site!

Written by Robin Sopko

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I could offer you a list of allrepparttar URLs to visit, (and would love to, in upcoming articles; or you could just visit our website!), if you'd like, but for now I'll just tell yourepparttar 131727 basics. Remember to ask yourself before you begin: Am I interested enough in this topic to come back and update my site frequently? Do I need images to put on it, and if I do, is there a scanner available to allow me to upload these pictures?  Will I need information or images that do not belong solely to me? If so, are there addresses for me to write, to ask permission forrepparttar 131728 use of those images or thoughts? A website onrepparttar 131729 internet is a legacy, so to speak. It will be a spot onrepparttar 131730 infinite Web, that you created. You can use free space and a longer site name or, if you purchase website hosting space and a domain name, it will belong to you at least, for a year. It will have your name on it, and you will be responsible for it. It will be your "baby". It could remain there for many years, or you could change your mind and simply delete it. The bottom line is that all you require is an idea, a half an hour tutorial, and a goal. Much more time is required if you'd like a really nice website, but that is up to you. Who knows how long it will take before space runs out onrepparttar 131731 World Wide Web, or if it ever will. If I were you, I'd get started on it! If you don't document your idea on this vast new course of technology and adventure, you'll probably regret it later. It's like writing your name with a stick in a freshly-poured cement sidewalk. Generations to follow can read it and remember you by it. The only cost involved is a small fee for your internet connection. You could even eliminate that if you visit a local library where computer access is free. Show your cousin in California all of your photographs. Tellrepparttar 131732 world how much you love Korn or corndogs. Meet and communicate with people acrossrepparttar 131733 continent who share your interests. Design and construct a legacy. You CAN build a web site. Your legacy awaits!

Robin Sopko isrepparttar 131734 webmaster of: WebsCoolLinks! (located at: which provides many free links to a combination of design, hosting, tutorials, and other assorted webmaster tools, that assist those interested in building their own free place onrepparttar 131735 World Wide Web.

An author since high school with many poetry submissions and travel writing for American Automobile Assn. Most interested in website instruction, article writing, and design.

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