Email Legislation Explained

Written by John McCabe

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2. "Withinrepparttar context of an existing customer relationship, it is reasonable to allowrepparttar 109570 use of electronic contact details forrepparttar 109571 offering of similar products or services, but only byrepparttar 109572 same company that has obtainedrepparttar 109573 electronic contact details….." This protectsrepparttar 109574 use of email as a medium to existing customers. However there is a word of caution inrepparttar 109575 Directive…. "When electronic contact details are obtained,repparttar 109576 customer should be informed about their further use for direct marketing in a clear and distinct manner, and be givenrepparttar 109577 opportunity to refuse such usage. This opportunity should continue to be offered with each subsequent direct marketing message"

3. Implementation ofrepparttar 109578 Directive by each Member State is due by 31st October 2003, so time is running out for spammers.

4. Move quickly to gain opt-in status for your email address lists, and protect yourself when renting email lists by ensuring thatrepparttar 109579 status is only opt-in

Asrepparttar 109580 implementation inrepparttar 109581 UK gets closer I will from time to time re-visit this subject. To be kept abreast of what this legislation change means to you as a direct marketer, go to our website and opt-in to receive our regular news updates.

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John McCabe is the co-founder of UK Marketing Management (UKMM), a specialist direct marketing agency. He has 15 years experience of developing direct marketing campaigns in a variety of industries. During the last four years he has concentrated on email marketing, both as a corporate end user and as an agency. During this time he has helped develop the media with list owners, broadcasters and clients - pushing up service levels and quality of data.

Email Microtargeting

Written by David Moceri

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Forrepparttar higher quality (more targeted and uniform) audience, advertisers have traditionally paid a higher cost per impression, althoughrepparttar 109569 overall cost for advertisers is lower with email campaigns sincerepparttar 109570 number of impressions is lower. In addition,repparttar 109571 ability to modify and adaptrepparttar 109572 creative to confront rapidly changing marketing conditions makes this medium especially attractive and cost effective.

Our microtargeting approach has been very powerful. This strategy focuses on increasing market share--that is, on selling a product to as much ofrepparttar 109573 market as possible. Once a product succeeds on a microtargeting level, we can eventually modify it to appeal to a larger group. When properly and effectively executed, microtargeting leads back torepparttar 109574 masses.

Instead of trying to reachrepparttar 109575 greatest number of people, microtargeting focuses on earning more of an individual customer's business. This strategy doesn't target groups of customers, it targets units of one.

The foundation of our microtargeting approach lies inrepparttar 109576 idea that 80% of a company's business comes from 20% of its customers. The most active frequent fliers account forrepparttar 109577 bulk ofrepparttar 109578 airline profit. So, rather than aiming to reach all possible fliers, airlines realize they can more efficiently market themselves by trying to win overrepparttar 109579 top level, and by encouraging those frequent fliers to fly as frequently with them as possible.

Our microtargeting email practices help businesses provide better, more personal services. It is an equally effective strategy for both business acquisition and retention.

David Moceri is President and CEO of VIBE Direct Media, a full service online marketing agency. A complete description of VIBE Direct Media services can be viewed at

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