Email Etiquette I

Written by Kathie M. Thomas

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Third Ė take notice ofrepparttar correct spelling of peopleís names. Iíve lost count ofrepparttar 109557 number of times that people have replied to an email of mine and spelt my name as either Kathy or Cathy Ė itís neither. In addition, Iím surerepparttar 109558 spelling of your own name is just as important to you and it is quickly noticed when someone spells it incorrectly.

Itís these little things that makerepparttar 109559 difference between an average business operator and one who does that extra something Ė every little thing counts when it comes to attracting clients and associates and keeping them. Takingrepparttar 109560 time to care about these things and looking after even a clientís name goes a long way to developing good business relationships.

Article reprinted by permission Kathie M. Thomas, Founder "A Clayton's Secretary". Kathie is a multiple award winner in her industry as a Secretary and Virtual Business Operator, and has 30 years' experience in the secretarial/ administrative field.

Email Tips

Written by Regina Stevens

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when you send out multiple emails, typerepparttar email addresses inrepparttar 109556 bcc: field (blind carbon copy) instead ofrepparttar 109557 To: field. This will hide all of your email addresses so that others wonít seerepparttar 109558 addresses. You never know who will seerepparttar 109559 addresses if you donít do this tip. A friend of a friend could be a spammer Ė it happens allrepparttar 109560 time.

Regina Stevens is the owner of Keep It Simple Websites ( Her articles are written for people who are new at using the Internet and email.

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