Eliminate SPAM / Junkmail From Your Website

Written by Bill Holder

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Here is how it works… When an email siphon spider visits your website it can't locate your real email address since it is hidden through one ofrepparttar above techniques. However it will followrepparttar 150367 links on your page and will eventually find your hidden link to your baited page. The spider will grab all ofrepparttar 150368 email addresses of those who spammed you and return to its lair. If all goes well these names will get added to a SPAM list and sold to other spammers. Spammers spamming spammers.

If you think you seerepparttar 150369 justice in this spider bait plot, you are probably missingrepparttar 150370 best part. Not only will spammers be potentially be spamming others spammers but you have devaluated their list. But here comesrepparttar 150371 best part. Ifrepparttar 150372 spammers are sophisticated they may detect what you are up to and stop gathering email addresses from your site.

This information was found on Session9 Web Hosting and support can be found on: http://forums.session9.co.uk/ or http://www.session9.co.uk/

If enough website operators created enough poisoned spider bait pages allrepparttar 150373 associated cost of spamming would incrementally increase. If this was coupled torepparttar 150374 refusal to open or act upon any unsolicited emailrepparttar 150375 reason for spamming would be rendered invalid.

An added incentive for creating this page is that it may also appear appetizing to search engine spiders because ofrepparttar 150376 keywords withinrepparttar 150377 paragraphs of this page. For this reason you should put a visible link back to your home page. However do not use any meta tags or keywords to intentionally attract search engine spiders. Because search engine spiders do not like too rich of a diet. If you know of anyone who is annoyed by undesirable email please refer them to this page. The quicker we can stop this type of Internet abuserepparttar 150378 better for everyone, especially those who are serious and consider their time onrepparttar 150379 Net valuable.

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Color association in logos and designs

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

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You can tell when a branding is effective when people can tell instantly just by looking atrepparttar logos or colors what is business’ name is. Or just by tellingrepparttar 150332 logos and colors,repparttar 150333 name is distinguished. These things help them remember you. Colors play an important role in these logos. They add a certain touch and style to would be plain and unattractive logos. What does color have to do with it? Colors, unlike graphics and prints, are easier to memorize. All people have to do is take a look at it. No more reading, just stare at it then memorize it instantly. People, being visual, haverepparttar 150334 tendency to see things first before deciding on interest next. The interest on what they see will berepparttar 150335 basis for what they will do next. Will their interest be big enough to make them takerepparttar 150336 next step in knowing more about what they see? Or no interest was piqued at all? These arerepparttar 150337 things that color can do in a design or logo. It follows that what they can do to these things can do also for your business. So decide firstrepparttar 150338 colors you need when planning a business. Because colors into prints and logos has something to do withrepparttar 150339 success and failure of your business. Whichever comes first.

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Florie Lyn Masarate got her first article printed in the school newsletter in the third grade. Her hobbies include reading any book she can get her hands on.

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