Eliminate Property Taxes & Public Schools

Written by Shirley deLong

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not getting a common sense education and they are going to be left with a debt that can never be paid” just because all ofrepparttar Politicians and Board Members have lost their common sense and they have to grease their egos. Inrepparttar 113462 past several years, can you see whererepparttar 113463 School Bond(s)and Millions of Dollars have been spent? I can’t and neither can you! We are getting absolutely nothing for these dollars except deeper in debt, bigger salaries being paid out, and raising a society of kids that cannot carry an intelligent conversation. Is this our “future” American Leaders? We are all paying enormous taxes and enormous school taxes. IT’S TIME FOR ALL PROPERTY TAXES BE ELIMINATED! We should demand, immediately, our tax monies back and put our kids in Private Schools or Home School them so they can learnrepparttar 113464 basic skills, morals, values, and principles, that will get them through life. Is it too late to take our children back and hold and love them, before they get so confused they don’t know who or what to believe? Does everyone think that this “computerized” age, with allrepparttar 113465 “if we don’t do this today it’ll be outdated tomorrow is working?” If you believe this, think again! Our Children and Grandchildren need role models not “idols”, “cell” phones, “internet and computers”, “tv’s, dvd’s, etc”. Could this be why drugs and suicide are onrepparttar 113466 rise?

Shirley deLong (336) 454-5040 Jamestown, NC

Shirley deLong, Jamestown, NC Activist & Environmentalist. Author of several articles that have been published. Honorary Chairwoman for State of NC nominated by White House. Owner of delong & Associates, Olde Jamestowne Art Gallery. See more on http://shirleydelongartist.com

NoInvaders.Org Proves to be "Interesting" and "Useful" in its Debut

Written by Jim Wood

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Recent changes torepparttar Web site were made onrepparttar 113461 "Form a Posse" page to clarify crimes that permit citizen's arrests in pursuit of punishing immigration law violators, to quellrepparttar 113462 temptation for vigilante justice. An affiliate program was added so affiliates can earn 50-100% commission onrepparttar 113463 sale of "Good Employer" advertising space andrepparttar 113464 reports/complaints surfers upload concerning illegal dwellers and their employers. I will attendrepparttar 113465 Minute Man Project demonstration in Naco, Arizona, April 1-2, and hope to promote my Web site there. Please point your browser to http://www.NoInvaders.Org for details.

17 year IT veteran with 8 years experience as a webmaster; background in journalism as well See main website: http://www.NoInvaders.Org or Web hosting company: http://www.EconoNetHosting.com

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