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Written by Seth Pychewicz

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focus and expertise, Elexa Consumer Products develops a synergy amongst organizational groups to improve business processes and maximizerepparttar sharing of ideas towards common goals.


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Written by Regina Stevens

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Iíve noticed that a great deal of companies are looking for SENIORS in every field. Well, you canít go on forever getting SENIORS if you donít start hiring some ENTRY LEVEL folks. Pretty soon, these SENIORS will have to retire, which will leave your company in a world of trouble later downrepparttar road. Donít assume that just becauserepparttar 133485 applicant does not have commercial experience or just graduated from college, they do not have potential. Looking at some ofrepparttar 133486 job postings, some companies are not paying enough to employ SENIORS anyway!

If someone is self-taught, why do you feel they are less likely to accomplish your company's mission? Think about it: these people have motivation and determination to reach their goals. Isn't this what you really want, someone with determination and motivation? Think about it.

Another thing, do you think you will find someone with 10 years of XP Professional experience? NOT!!! XP Pro has not existed this long!!! Do you really think that you will find someone with "no more than 2 years" of programming experience, but can program in 15 different programming languages? Whaaaa? I think you get my point. Be realistic in your qualifications Ė you may find more potential or qualified candidates for your open jobs.

In a nutshell, do your homework and think a bit deeper before you "don't" place that call for an interview or closerepparttar 133487 door in someone's face because they have experience, but no certification. Think about how you felt when you graduated. Think realistically before you write unrealistic job descriptions or job postings. I guarantee that if HR will keep this article in mind, it will make their jobs much easier and help some hard working unemployed folks out too.

Regina Stevens is the CEO of Keep It Simple Websites, a website design and development company. If you have any questions for her, contact her by visiting the website.

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