Eleven Things You Must Know About A Drop Shipping Directory And It's Company...

Written by Brad Beiermann

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6. Price - This is a subjective parameter but there is something to consider. As an observation, most legitimate directories onrepparttar Web today are sold betweenrepparttar 118410 $60 and $100 price mark without any markdown. If you find one good drop shipper in a directory and you sell their products on your site, you could find your directory investment paid off quickly with just a sale or two.

7. Education - The company sellingrepparttar 118411 directory should have a website fairly resourceful with FAQ's and articles written by it's own research staff or owner. Topics should include drop shipping, ecommerce, importing and general FAQ's about drop shipping. Watch out for directory sites only containing FAQ's about their directory and not drop shipping.

8. Custom Search - Find out ifrepparttar 118412 company offeringrepparttar 118413 directory will do a custom search for a drop shipped product. A custom search can sometimes be done under certain conditions withrepparttar 118414 directory's parent company. As of this writing, Hienote isrepparttar 118415 only directory company advertising this type of service.

9. Toll Free Number - You should be able to talk torepparttar 118416 folk's offeringrepparttar 118417 directory without paying forrepparttar 118418 call. Contact by email only is not acceptable! Also, be leery of directory sites without a toll free numbers or only a cell phone number given as this could be a suspicious con artist.

10. Customer Service - Any online business that cares about its customers should have a section dedicated to customer service. A company that offers a drop ship directory is no exception. It should have a section of it's site dedicated to customer service. At a minimum it should have a toll free number, mailing address (not just a P.O. Box number!), email address, hours of operation, and a phone number for calls outside ofrepparttar 118419 country.

11. Money Back Guarantee - A money back guarantee is always important to have with a directory. You want a way of getting your money back ifrepparttar 118420 directory does not live up to it's promise. Be sure to examinerepparttar 118421 guarantee policy.

With these eleven parameters you should now have have enough knowledge to get you started inrepparttar 118422 right direction for evaluating a drop ship directory. In addition, hopefully this has given some food for thought in terms of considering a drop ship directory for your online business.

Brad Beiermann Ph.D., is President of Hienote Inc., Crystal Lake, IL 60039. Dr. Beiermann is one of the leading experts in business technology and e-commerce. Hienote Inc. specializes in assisting businesses locate unique wholesale drop shipping companies. You can visit their site at www.hienote.com, or call 1-800-342-0386.

22 Questions to Ask Before You Use Any Shopping Cart System

Written by Tom Antion

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12. Does it have integrated up-sell modules? The ability to offer more related products to customers making a purchase makes me a small fortune each month. We call it, "Do you want fries with that?" If you don't have this ability, you are leaving many thousands of dollars onrepparttar table from people who would have spent more if your cart just gave themrepparttar 118409 chance.

13. Does it have an integrated sales and prospect database? Inrepparttar 118410 old days I would have to print out orders and then retype them into ACT or some other database program. A good shopping cart system eliminates all this hassle and potential for error and gives you instant access to your sales reports and clients.

14. Does it have broadcast e-mail capability? Good shopping cart systems are able to manipulate your customer database instantly and send e-mails to any segment or sub-segment of your clients and handle unlimited e-mail magazines. Again, inrepparttar 118411 old days I would have to be genius enough to pick out segments ofrepparttar 118412 database, export them to a file, import them into a mail program and then an hour later sendrepparttar 118413 darn e-mail. Now this is all done in a few seconds.

15. Does it have mail merge capability? The e-mails sent are personalized torepparttar 118414 recipients in any number of ways. Their names can be popped in torepparttar 118415 subject line and in various portions ofrepparttar 118416 body ofrepparttar 118417 e-mail. You can merge "what they bought," "when they bought," "where they live" or just about anything that will make them feelrepparttar 118418 e-mail was just for them. Virtually all studies show that mail merge gets a much higher response than plain broadcast e-mail.

16. Can it handle coupons and other discounts? You can make a deal with Joe Blow that everyone coming from his Web site gets an automatic discount -- either a percentage or dollar amount. This makes Joe look great to his visitors and makes more sales for you. Here's a secret: Joe is your affiliate and makes money onrepparttar 118419 sale too, so he's got a great incentive to keep your discounts and coupons in front of his visitors. Good shopping cart systems can automate all of this and also handle any quantity discounts you offer.

17. Can it work for multiple Web sites with no extra fees? When I first started I had to get a separate (and expensive) license for each site and a separate merchant account too. Not only was this a great deal of expense,repparttar 118420 hassle with installation every time you wanted a new site to go up was enormous. Modern carts can sell bras on one site and bibles on another, and no one knowsrepparttar 118421 difference. The carts run on their own servers so there is no expensive installation and set-up is immediate.

18. Does it have unlimited and fully integrated "sequential" autoresponders? This is one ofrepparttar 118422 most powerful features when it comes to Internet marketing. This feature follows up automatically over and over again to your clients and prospects to provide them customer care and to sell them more products and services. You can even provide free or paid e-mail courses, and each part ofrepparttar 118423 course is delivered automatically.

19. Does it have ad tracking tied into actual sales? Simple ad tracking can be had all overrepparttar 118424 'Net, but it is pretty much worthless unless it is tied to actual sales. This is calledrepparttar 118425 "conversion ratio." Your cart system should be able to tell you how many people clicked on a particular promotion and how many people bought. This isrepparttar 118426 only way you can determine if an ad paid off. Good carts will also automatically split test one of your sales pages against another and tell you which page sells more. You keeprepparttar 118427 page that sells more and get rid ofrepparttar 118428 page that sells less.

20. Does it have a pop-up box builder? Even though many people hate popup boxes, they work. I use them judiciously to make all kinds of offers, and I haverepparttar 118429 sales figures to prove they get more money out ofrepparttar 118430 same number of people. If you know how to use them properly, no one gets upset.

21. Does it have a printable off-line order form? Believe it or not, many people are still afraid to put their credit card numbers into a Web site. I still get lots of fax orders and phone orders. If you want to maximize your sales, your cart must take these kinds of orders easily.

22. Does it provide free training? You'll need training in bothrepparttar 118431 basic set up of using your shopping cart and determining your online sales strategy, so that you maximizerepparttar 118432 amount of money spent by each customer.

You may not understand what allrepparttar 118433 above questions mean right now, but I can assure you they are important in putting more money into your bank account. If you want to know even more about this subject, you can download a free e-book, How to Pick a Shopping Cart System That Makes You Money at www.public- speaking.org/ebook.htm.

What shopping cart system do I use? I have my own private label called www.KickStartCart.com.



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