Elements of a good Ad Objective

Written by Smiley George

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3.Time: Among many ofrepparttar problems face by Advertisers and Ad agencies is wrong timing. Remember that Time isrepparttar 140243 only thing that takes no holiday. It is wise and advisable to be time cautions on your next advert placement for an hour lost can't be regained. Timing should be strictly adhere to by bothrepparttar 140244 Advertisers and Ad agencies because time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear; too long for those who grieve and too short for those who rejoice.

"A stitch in time saves nine"

Smiley George,is a seasoned Proofreader.He is into Events Marketing and Managemet and freelance writing. He is to publish soon two books,Ad and Exam Success Secrets. Email: jamesbourn@yahoo.co.uk

Latino Television Programs Fill a Void in Hispanic Advertising; While Advertisers Look to Attract the Young U.S. Born Latino Consumer

Written by Louis Victor

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An advertiser can actually create an ad campaign in English and get their message in front ofrepparttar intended audience and notrepparttar 140146 assumed audience. That’s not to say that an advertiser doesn’t have to gearrepparttar 140147 campaign towardsrepparttar 140148 Latino market but this medium makes it easier for them to actually gauge their efforts.

Marketers have to disperse ofrepparttar 140149 “Stereotype Marketing” that has engulfedrepparttar 140150 media dollars which are intended to build brand awareness within this demographic. They need to realize thatrepparttar 140151 U.S. Latino market cannot be put in a cyclone, it is an evolving culture and ofrepparttar 140152 over 65 million Latinos inrepparttar 140153 United States today, over 25 million are U.S. born.

So how does an advertiser looking to hitrepparttar 140154 young U.S. Latino market reach them?

Well they first need to bring in an advertising and marketing agency that understands this demographic, like New Age Media Concepts, then develop creative that is geared towardsrepparttar 140155 English speaking U.S. Latino market and put together a comprehensive marketing plan that will get their message torepparttar 140156 intended audience.

Of course this would encompass various types of media and not just television, but AIM Tell-A-Vision is an example of an overlooked medium that should be embraced if an advertiser wants to tap intorepparttar 140157 massive buying power ofrepparttar 140158 U.S. born Latino market.

Louis Victor New Age Media Concepts www.namct.com

Executive Vice President of New Age Media Concepts, a Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Firm.

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