Elements of Web Hosting

Written by Daniel Punch

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HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language. This is (usually) what you'll be using to make your website, whether directly or indirectly. Don't be scared byrepparttar name,repparttar 134360 'language' is very easy to learn.

FTP: File Transfer Protocol. This is a method for sending pages and files from your home PC to a server. It is quite simple to use and your host will provide login information if this isrepparttar 134361 method that they use for file access. Typing "FTP://" into My Computer on a windows box allows you to use FTP as if your server were a regular windows folder.

POP3: This is a common email 'post box' system. It is use to store emails for retrieval.

SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. A common protocol used to send emails.

The beginner will not really need to know too much aboutrepparttar 134362 above two email technologies. If they're listed, good. It means you have email accounts with your website (i.e.repparttar 134363 email name@yourdomain.com will reach you, somehow)

There are many 'languages' used to enhance websites, such as Java, Perl, ASP, .NET, PHP, etc. If you're just starting out you should try to learn simple HTML first before you worry too much about these more advanced languages. In general they're not too difficult to learn, but you'll want a solid grounding before you tackle them.

The Internet is a wonderful source of knowledge, so whenever you want information just fire up your favourite search engine and type in your problem. The Internet is full of sites aboutrepparttar 134364 Internet, sorepparttar 134365 information you want shouldn't be too hard to find.

Building professional websites takes a lot of time and skill, so many companies hire people to do it for them. If this isrepparttar 134366 situation that you're in, talk torepparttar 134367 designer you're hiring about hosting, as they may have struck a deal with a webhost to provide clients with cheaper hosting packages. Also,repparttar 134368 professional designer will know what features you're going to need in a hosting plan.

The world of web hosting is not as complicated as people would like to make out. Just make sure you do a little bit of research before diving in and you'll be less likely to get burned by a shifty 'here today, gone tomorrow' company. Check outrepparttar 134369 host's rankings on a few Web Hosting Directories, do a search for reviews ofrepparttar 134370 company, contactrepparttar 134371 support staff before signing up and enjoyrepparttar 134372 world opened by having your own online presence.

Daniel Punch M6.Net http://www.m6.net Daniel Punch is an Internet Promoter helping to unravel some of the technobabble that obscures the world of web hosting.

Free Hosting - A Real Bargain?

Written by Francisco Aloy

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If at a later stage of development you decide to order some ofrepparttar above support items "a la carte," you'll find outrepparttar 134359 outrageous cost of them...so much for a free hosting account!

Allrepparttar 134360 above shouldn't imply there are no legitimate business uses for a free hosting account, there are! They can be used for hosting pages that link back to your main website, for re-directed URL's, for hosting any kind of web page that doesn't need any ofrepparttar 134361 advanced support options of your main business website.

They can also be used for showcasing individual products contained within your main website with a link back to your landing page. They can increase your SE ranking if they are well designed with tight, relevant copy that goes well with your main website. Quality and accuracy do have their payoff!

Another important, and often erroneous point, is that it will help your main website have a wider appeal to many ofrepparttar 134362 SE's because ofrepparttar 134363 incoming links. However,repparttar 134364 incoming links from free hosting accounts are not considered quality links byrepparttar 134365 SE's.

Used with insight and vision, free hosting services can ad value to your web operation. The main point to keep in mind is thatrepparttar 134366 same care and preparation given to your main website should also be given to your free websites. The quality ofrepparttar 134367 writing and production should be to help your main website, not to detract from it.


by Francisco Aloy

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