Electable Ralph

Written by Ed Howes

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Everyone who wants no more of George Bush and company should support Ralph Nader and company. All those who have been backing unelectable Democrats, who can't defeat George Bush, should support Nader, if they really want change in Washington. It's not about electability any more. It's about sweet, real, meaningful change - reformation. Anyone butrepparttar same or another Republicrat!

The Democrats are already onrepparttar 125997 attack against Ralph. He knew they would be and he is running anyway. I like that. You should too. Republicans are soon going to be more worried about Ralph Nader than they ever were John Kerry. They know he is going afterrepparttar 125998 disenfranchised majority that will not vote for puppets. All President Nader has to do is convince them this is their best chance to change nearly everything that is wrong withrepparttar 125999 system - andrepparttar 126000 2008 elections. Can we look that far ahead any more? I say Ralph Nader will get more than fifty percent of all votes cast andrepparttar 126001 puppet lovers will split what remains. If America wants change, we'll have a Nader landslide victory.

He is ready to run against John Kerry and George Bush. He knows he can win, same as you and I do. Democrats are saying he'll get fewer votes than last time and cannot win. They are as wrong as they have ever been. It’s amusing to hear them begging him not to run. Watchrepparttar 126002 support he gets as John Kerry goesrepparttar 126003 way of Howard Dean.

Howard Dean should be supporting Ralph Nader, even though he said he would supportrepparttar 126004 Democratic nominee. If party is more important to Howard thanrepparttar 126005 principles he has been espousing, it explains why he is notrepparttar 126006 Democratic nominee.

Ralph Nader is an opportunity for traditional Democrats and Republicans, moderates, liberals and conservatives; to send a powerful message to Washington, no matter who is elected President. No more corporate government. No more puppet government. Ralph has just givenrepparttar 126007 silent majority a voice. Ralph Nader isrepparttar 126008 beginning ofrepparttar 126009 end ofrepparttar 126010 status quo andrepparttar 126011 Old World Order.

President Bush was sitting pretty until now. There was not a Democrat who could beat him. He had to beat himself by messing up again between now and November. Odds are good he will or has and it isn't public knowledge yet. Republicans will be saying anyone but Kerry.

Our President does not have much chance of re-election. He's following in his daddy's footsteps don't you know? The two party madness was his best chance. If you like being ruled by corporations, vote Republicrat. If you've had enough of 20th Century scam government, Ralph Nader isrepparttar 126012 only alternative at this point. One who has served people long, well and lives to do so. Someone who can be trusted. Insider government is in crisis. Must stop Ralph. Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, where are you? Let's splitrepparttar 126013 ticket five ways and see what happens.

Freelance writer published on websites and in newspapers. edhowes@hotmail.com justanotherview.com

Gods 401k plan

Written by John Anhalt

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Our current course is creating an unbelievable consolidation of wealth on this planet. Corporations continue to increaserepparttar size of their pie with merger after merger, while workers are left asking, “Where’s our piece?” The average salary of a CEO in America sincerepparttar 125996 1980’s has increased by nearly 1900%, whilerepparttar 125997 average worker salary has increased only 74%. How can we allow this to continue? Corporations are continuing to increase profits, even during times of recession, yet there are less jobs because companies are squeezing more productivity out of their employees, thus they have no need to hire more people.

Now we have a political party who is pushing to take away social security. Excuse my sarcasm, but I’m fairly certain this isn’t going to benefitrepparttar 125998 working class. We cannot, as a society, allow this to happen. This will only continue to increase an already widening gap between social classes in America.

If we could only sit these power mongering, money hording, nice individuals down and ask them, “You’ve spent your whole life acquiring green paper with little or no respect for your fellow brother and world. Whatrepparttar 125999 heck are you going to do with all this money you’ve been amassing all your life once you die?” I have a strong feeling they’re hoping God has a good 401k plan.

Philospher and writer.

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