Eileina Williams- A Star On The Rise

Written by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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Williams steps out with style covering timeless classics such as “Our Love Is Here To Stay,” which gives an indication of her tremendous range and exceptional projection, and bluesy smoke filled nightclub numbers like “Willow Weep For Me,” focus on her smooth and sultry style and innate sense of rhythm. The warmth and spirituality of her personality comes shining through on every track.

In celebration of her new release, a CD Release Concert (http://eileinawilliams.tix.com) is scheduled atrepparttar Vintage Café in Pasadena, CA for Sunday May 1st at 2:30 inrepparttar 135882 afternoon. This is a special day forrepparttar 135883 vocalist and all of her steadfast supporters. It promises to be an event filled with joy and hope for everyone in attendance.

For More Information http://www.eileinawilliams.com or contact eileina-info@earthlink.net

CD Release Party Address:

Vintage Café 2032 N. Lincoln Ave. Pasadena, CA. 91103


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Led Zeppelin is the #1 Rock and Roll Band of All Time

Written by Peter Cross

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Here they outdistance The Stones because most ofrepparttar Stones' albums have "filler" material in terms of not hittingrepparttar 135881 same high that they slammed in all their best songs. However, I'd like to say that I don't think either Mick or Robert are capable of recording anything short of a brilliant vocal. The Beatles actually exceed Led Zep in terms of numbers of great albums that constitute a greater body of brilliant and uniquely innovative work that literally broke new musical ground with every single song they recorded. The Beatles were simply The Beatles, and they wererepparttar 135882 most creative rock and roll band ever, from beingrepparttar 135883 best singers and songwriters ever right down to their individual charm and charisma. But without denegrating their gorgeous, sensitive and original style of playing, what they recorded is notrepparttar 135884 heavy type of rock and roll that eitherrepparttar 135885 Stones or Led Zep played. George, Paul and John were all brilliant and creative guitarists, but because they did not improvise on stage, they were not really master guitarists. I love and respect Ringo as both a person and as a very creative drummer who masteredrepparttar 135886 art of drum sounds. He has his own unmistakeable Ringo style for both, but he's not really a master drummer inrepparttar 135887 sense of being able to play with great speed and dexterity. I'm talking about 9 albums chock full of brilliant and intensely high Led Zep songs - I don't know how many hours of great rock and roll listening that is. There's hardly a single weak track among all that work, and there's simply no question that they consistently broke new ground musically. Their debut album is stillrepparttar 135888 best one of all time (including Cream's), and Coda, their "swan song" is equally perfect.


Led Zep was there whenrepparttar 135889 concept of "rock and roll star" was still evolving. I will grant thatrepparttar 135890 Stones at least deserve honorable mention asrepparttar 135891 best rock and roll band ever, but it's mostly because of their impressive touring record and Mick's superstar stage presence with his ability to put on a great show every single time he appears. And he's still doing it at age 60 for goodness sake! My point isn't that Led Zep necessarily hadrepparttar 135892 best stage presence, just that they did have that true rock star sexual aura, and when you add all these important qualities together, they really do deserve being calledrepparttar 135893 number one rock and roll band of all time.

I could go on about Jimmy Page's abilities as a producer, and there are other aspects to their greatness likerepparttar 135894 length of time they were together without a change of band members. Andrepparttar 135895 life they actually led as archtypical wild rock and roll bad boys equalsrepparttar 135896 life led byrepparttar 135897 Rolling Stones in intensity, if not length. In this sense both bands are perfect examples on a conceptual artistic level of what I call FORM = CONTENT. The above four categories do enough to fully qualify Led Zeppelin for my not-so-humble award. There will never be another rock and roll band to approachrepparttar 135898 stratospheric musical heights that Led Zep reached. The Recording Industry Association of America, who hasrepparttar 135899 correct statistics, lists Led Zeppelin asrepparttar 135900 third best selling musical act/artist in history. The Beatles are first, with 166.5 million albums sold inrepparttar 135901 USA alone, Elvis is second with 117.5 million, and Led Zep is third with 106 million. I think it's very significant that those statistics are becoming geometrically times greater thanrepparttar 135902 number of albums that they sold during their performance lifetimes. What has happened and is happening is thatrepparttar 135903 young people of today are discovering them in droves because they are coming of age sexually and they recognize and connect withrepparttar 135904 most powerful musical example of that sexual power. They are buying their CD's, shirts, posters and other memorabilia. And frankly, I'm thrilled.

Peter Cross is a singer/songwriter/producer who was among the first to put music on the internet in downloadable format in 1996. To this day, he is one of the only musicians who has created and designed his own music web site in html, and at 104 pages filled with entertaining content, it's one of the largest. Check it out at: http://www.starcrost.com

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