Eight Simple Ways To Use Promotional Products Online


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Thank Your Loyal Customers Just like thanking your top affiliates, you should also consider thanking loyal customers. You can express gratitude to customers that repeatedly by your products, customers who buy your high-ticket items, or both! Promotional items remind your clients thatrepparttar relationship you share with them is important to you. Create a Competitive Advantage Because of increased competition, it's getting tougher than ever to compete online. You can use promotional items as a way to show your customers that you are different than your competitors. Instead of appearing as “just another company”, you can demonstrate that you are unique. When someone receives a promotional item from you they are more likely to remember you over your competition. Promote a New Product If you are launching a new product, you can capture your audience attention and publicize it by using promotional items. Atrepparttar 135058 very least, you should send a promotional item to your top customers when a new product comes out. You might also want to consider sending items to your top affiliates too if you have a new product they can promote for you. My goal is to get you to think of new ways to use promotional products. I hope you will implement some ofrepparttar 135059 ideas I have laid out here and also brain storm different ways to use them. If used correctly, these little trinkets can help you say ahead of your competitors! Real-time Entertainment Advertising and Communication Tool REACT provides yourepparttar 135060 amazing opportunity to take advantage ofrepparttar 135061 millions of dollars in technological expertise that supportsrepparttar 135062 online skill games offered to your customers. The competitive environment of these skill games plusrepparttar 135063 possibility of actually winning cash prizes will captivate players and bring them back day after day. Each visit torepparttar 135064 custom-branded Game Console puts your marketing messages in front of your customers repetitively and continuously – at no additional cost! Operating completely opposite to traditional advertising media, REACT provides ongoing marketing that includes new messages as often as you would like to provide them – all conveyed with absolutely no additional charges. Unheard of inrepparttar 135065 advertising/marketing realm before!

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RICHARD C. CURRY is professional writer and cunsultant. he is in this industry since 1980 and he has written many small and populler articles and scripts and novels

Things To Keep In Mind When Advertising Online

Written by Alvin Poh

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Lessons for Websites

Sites that accept advertising should think twice before accepting ads that 80 to 90% of users strongly dislike. The resulting drop in customer satisfaction will damage your website’s long-term prospects.

Advertisers themselves might be tempted to continue with these nasty design techniques as long as they can find sites that will run them. After all, they typically yield higher clickthrough rates. But clickthrough is notrepparttar only goal. Users who are deceived into clicking on a misleading ad might drive up your CTR, but they’re unlikely to convert into paying customers. And your brand suffers a distinct negative impact when you antagonize customers and use techniques that are associated withrepparttar 134987 worst scum onrepparttar 134988 net.

Corporate websites can also learn from these studies, even if they don’t run ads. Many elements that users dislike in ad design are also common in mainstream web design, with equally bad affects. A few things to avoid:

  • Pop-ups
  • Slow load times
  • “Teasing” links, misleading categories, and other elements that trick users into clicking
  • Content that doesn’t clearly staterepparttar 134989 site’s purpose or what a particular page covers
  • Content that moves aroundrepparttar 134990 page
  • Sound that plays automatically

All of these techniques have caused problems in traditional usability studies of non-advertising sites, and they should be avoided likerepparttar 134991 plague. The fact that they’re associated withrepparttar 134992 most hated ads is one more reason that respectable sites should avoid them at all costs.

Alvin Poh has been specialising in web development, content distribution, advertising and marketing strategies since 1995. More of his articles can be found at http://www.xodes.com/.

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