Eight Common Direct Mail Mistakes.

Written by Alan Sharpe

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Slow in getting torepparttar point You have five seconds. After that, your reader is either still reading or is preparing your mailing for a flight test intorepparttar 105186 wastepaper basket.

Don't makerepparttar 105187 mistake of a slow build-up. Avoidrepparttar 105188 roundabout approach. Start your letter with your most compelling sales point. Fire your biggest cannon inrepparttar 105189 first line of copy. Promise your reader a benefit. Give them a reason to continue reading.

Poor follow-up Don't spend all your time and effort in generating a response and none in following up inquiries. Slow fulfillment is ly.

So are inadequate marketing literature and unprofessional telemarketing. They can destroyrepparttar 105190 interest that you work so hard to build. Fill requests for information within 48 hours. Send follow-up mailings to those who do not respond first time. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.

No time limit Time may heal all wounds, but it kills response. Your enemy is procrastination. Your enemy is tomorrow.

Don't makerepparttar 105191 mistake of letting your readers put you off until they forget your mailing altogether. Put a time limit on your offer: "Call now. This offer expires June 1, 1999." Time-limited offers almost always outpull offers with no time limit.

No call for action Ask forrepparttar 105192 order. BUY NOW! PHONE TODAY! ORDER YOUR FREE SAMPLE! If you don't ask for a response, you won't get one. Tell readers what to do. Show themrepparttar 105193 next step. Make your order form easy to read and easy to follow.

Fortunately, others have gone before us. My favourite sources for tested, practical wisdom on direct mail techniques are Successful Direct Marketing Methods by Bob Stone and anything by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Alan Sharpe is a business-to-business direct mail copywriter and lead generation consultant who helps high-tech firms attract new clients using creative, cost-effective direct mail. Subscribe to "Sharpe & Direct," his weekly newsletter, at www.sharpecopy.com

How To Obtain A Merchant's Credit Card Account

Written by Dominic Ferrara

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When his own bank refused to even consider him for a merchant account, due torepparttar fact that he was in mail order, and also doing business from his home, he beat path to several other banks.

The first four banks he visited also said "no", (2 were large institutions, 2 mid-size), so he decided to try some smaller banks. Guess what? The very first bank he went to said "Maybe".

They asked him to transfer his account to their bank, so that they could "monitor" it for six months. He toldrepparttar 105184 bank official that he would consider their proposal, andrepparttar 105185 proceeded to another small bank one block uprepparttar 105186 street.

He liked whatrepparttar 105187 second small bank said. They said "Yes!" All he needed to do was establish a checking account with them and maintain a modest $1,000, business checking account balance. This he quickly did!

He is not unique. But he was very persistent and kept asking for what he wanted, and you must also. Probably th two best ways to get a merchant account are: (1) Keep pestering your own bank about granting you charge card privileges, until they agree to do so.

(2) If your bank outright refuses, make a list of all banks in your immediate area, putting some special attention on small banks. Next, get out a pair of your most comfortable shoes and get to it! Ask...Ask...Ask..Ask.. Ask! You have nothing to lose, and much to gain by being persistent, and by constantly asking for what you want (that's good advice in all areas-business and personal) of your life!


If you absolutely have no success in obtaining a merchants account from a local bank, you should considerrepparttar 105188 alternatives. Here are some of them...

***Ted Nicholas, best known asrepparttar 105189 best-selling author of "How To Form Your Own Corporation Without A Lawyer For Under $50.00", has established a small business organization entitles "Entrepreneurs of America." Membership is $50.00 per year. This organization intends to offer reasonable rates on credit card processing to their members. For more information write to: Entrepreneurs of America, 2020 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 224, Washington, DC 20006. Phone: (800) 533-2665.

*** The Late Howard E. Welsh isrepparttar 105190 founder and director ofrepparttar 105191 fast growing National Association of Publishers and Mail Order Dealers. His association has many exciting programs to help small order tabloid publishers and small mail order dealers succeed. Just prior to printing this report, For more information, write: NAPOD, 12 Westerville Square, #355 Westerville, Oh 43081.

***If you sell books, manuals, magazines, or forms of "paper and ink" products, you may wish to joinrepparttar 105192 American Booksellers Association (ABA). This isrepparttar 105193 No. 1 booksellers professional association inrepparttar 105194 United States. In addition to many other benefits (National and regional conventions and trade shows, educational programs, etc.), members also can have their credit card orders processed throughrepparttar 105195 ABA's Merchant Service Discount program. Write to: American Booksellers Association, 122 E. 42nd St., New York, NY 10168.

***Barry Reid, owner ofrepparttar 105196 Eden Press, has advertised that he can help mail order marketers obtain credit card processing. Write: Eden Press, Box 8410, Fountain Valley, CA 92728.

***Mountain West Communications of Colorado offers a business telephone answering service that handles inquires or orders. When you subscribe to their service, they can also process your credit card orders for you. Write: Mountain West Communications, P.O. Box 216, Hotchkiss, CO 81419. Phone: (800) 642-9378.


Although this special report gives you various sources that might be able to help you with your credit card processing,repparttar 105197 main message of this report is "NEVER GIVE UP" Never take "NO" for a final answer. Keep asking for what you want! Those who keep asking and seeking, usually obtain what they want.

Find great information for getting a Merchant Account. http://www.merchant-account-setup.info

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