Eight Basic Opt-in List Building Techniques To Grow Your Business

Written by Joe Reinbold

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This is all free advertising since you have your little five to eight line ad/bio atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 124317 article. It is a great way to build your subscriber base. In addition, ifrepparttar 124318 ezine you get published in archives your article to its web site you get extended free advertising.

6. Ezine Directories

There are 1000's of free and paid directories where you can list your ezine and get new subscribers. Do a search at google.com for "ezine directories" and there will be enough listings to keep you busy. I try to post at new ones whenever I get a chance. You might want to keep a listing for yourself of where you post so you can updaterepparttar 124319 listing as your ezine grows.

If you would like a list of some ezine directories, just send a blank email to: ezinedirectories@123respond.com which is one of my autoresponders and you will have it in a couple of minutes.

7. Trade/Exchange Ads

Another good way to increase your subscriber base is to trade/exchange ads with other newsletters. Once you have built up several hundred subscribers, you can start trading ads with other publishers.

8. Pay Per Subscriber

I have also usedrepparttar 124320 pay for subscriber services a number of times too, paying anywhere from 10 cents to 24 cents per subscriber. Make sure that you are getting opt-in subscribers rather than opt-out. These services are called co-registration services where a person signs up for some free service or item and can also signs up for ezines. The opt-out service signup page hasrepparttar 124321 check mark already inrepparttar 124322 box and a lot of people signing up aren't aware or miss that they are also signing up forrepparttar 124323 ezines. This can cause a lot of unsubscribes and probably some nasty notes. I stick with opt-in which means thatrepparttar 124324 person has to checkrepparttar 124325 box forrepparttar 124326 ezine they want to subscribe to.

I am currently using a service which is double opt-in meaning that they checkrepparttar 124327 box and then receive a confirmation message they have to return. Then I receiverepparttar 124328 name and email address.

Those are some ofrepparttar 124329 basic techniques that you can use to build your opt-in list. Your own list can be a goldmine for your business. It allows you to keep in contact with present, former or future customers. Building a list is an ongoing process if you want to keep growing.

Joe Reinbold, owner of The Entrepreneur's Home Business Link publishes a free weekly email newsletter dedicated to assisting online marketers and home businesses. For a free subscription just mailto:subscribe@homebizlink.com or visit his site at http://www.homebizlink.com/newslt.htm

"Don't Bore Me! Give Your Ezine "Personality"!

Written by Merle

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To develop a good writing style you should read as much as possible and practice writing. Really study pieces as you read them and ask yourself what about it appeals to you, or doesn't appeal to you. You can learn a lot by studying writings of others that appeal to you.

Another way to really connect with your readers is to share stories and details about your personal life. Yes, being personal is tough and a lot of people feel funny about it or fear rejection by doing so. But to really connect with your subscribers you need to share and let them see that you really are human and have problems, wants and needs. Some ofrepparttar best ezines I read share personal anecdotes on a regular basis and I look forward to these tidbits on a regular basis. There are some ezines I subscribe to where I actually knowrepparttar 124316 names ofrepparttar 124317 writer's dog or spouse. Even though I've never met them, they are real to me.

Next time you sit down to write your newsletter, try to let your personality show through. By perfecting your style, you will attract readers who look forward to each and every issue - and loyal subscribers for life.

Remember, keep it simple, be yourself.....and most importantly "Don't Bore Me! Give Your Ezine Personality!"

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