Effective ways to remove dark cicles under eyes

Written by Kenia Morales

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Sometimes applying natural products like cooled tea bags & sliced cucumbers can help reducedrepparttar puffiness Beauty products can also dorepparttar 130744 trick. Peter Thomas Roth AHA / Kojic Acid Under Eye Brightener, Oleda Time machine for dark circles, Emergin C Lighten-Up, Under eye Circle Fighter are all products well know for diminishing dark circles under eyes.

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Are Women Doomed on the Street?

Written by By Fran Joseph

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Now that We have discussed impact training and range familliarity, let's examine another cornerstone of combat-ready martial arts training - contact conditioning. This isrepparttar phase pf training that most women (including myself) would rather avoid. Contact conditioning isrepparttar 130743 progressive and controlled willingness to absorb impact, and can only be obtained by a willingness to don gloves and headgear and "go for it" Taking a punch is critical, because women have not hadrepparttar 130744 exposure to full-contact sports, such as football, in which most men have participated. This is not an endorsement of two partners standing toe-to-toe and "duking it out," but enough conditioning in your martial arts training that will allow you to continue pastrepparttar 130745 shock of pain and impact in a real encounter.

While we are onrepparttar 130746 subject of conditioning, you must realize that you are much more likely to be struck by a jab or hook onrepparttar 130747 street than a sidekick or ridge-hand. A familiarity with basic boxing will let you feel confident in effectively dealing with it Rest assured that there is nothing unfeminine about women who can deliver jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts with explosive power. Once again, however, it is important that after you masterrepparttar 130748 basic mechanics, you attempt to execute these strikes while someone is trying to hit you back. After all, it's very different shooting a handgun at a target range under ideal conditions than it is attempting to shoot with accuracy when someone is firing back at you. Familiarity with boxing will help to "demystify" realms of combat that until recently were reserved for men.

Our checklist would not be complete unless we mention two other items. It would be ludicrous to imagine a running back in football refusing to be tackled by anyone except those of his own height and weight. Yet, when women train exclusively with other women, that is exactly what they are doing. Women must experiencerepparttar 130749 aggressive energy and greater strength of men in their martial arts training regimen, or else, likerepparttar 130750 runner, they will not developrepparttar 130751 evasiveness and resilience necessary to compete. Likerepparttar 130752 professional athlete, female martial artists must take advantage of supplemental training, along with practicing just technique.

What female tennis player could hope to compete even at an amateur level without some sort of weight training program? Supplemental training (weights, conditioning, etc.) will not replace skill of movement, but will surely enhance it. Merely looking smooth, flexible and yelling while delivering a kick or strike is not enough to make it powerful. Once again,repparttar 130753 female martial artist could do well to observerepparttar 130754 training programs of professionals athletes, who do not rely on sheer repetition of movement to increase skill, but rather supplemental training regimens to develop "attributes" necessary for their particular sport.

Finally, a martial arts program that does not include weapons training is basically incomplete in preparingrepparttar 130755 female practitioner for street combat. No matter how diligently a woman trains, she is at a disadvantage when facing a much larger, stronger assailant, let alone multiple attackers. The ability and willingness to use a knife, stick, or other weapon will giverepparttar 130756 female martial artist an "equalizer." Just asrepparttar 130757 feudal samurai in Japan would never walkrepparttar 130758 streets without their sword, women in urban areas ofrepparttar 130759 U.S. must likewise be armed and ready to protect themselves with their weapons of choice. Like empty-hand training, weapons training should emphasize hitting (cutting, stabbing), rather than blocking or wide, flowery movements that look beautiful in kata or forms, but have little or no application to combat.

Are we going to continue to pretend thatrepparttar 130760 traditional methods of martial arts training are sufficient, or will we discoverrepparttar 130761 hard way that our training regimens do not work against someone who is not a cooperating partner? Are we going to avail ourselves of a way that allows us to fight back? Modem training methods will eliminate many ofrepparttar 130762 unpleasant surprises that female martial artists would encounter in an actual confrontation. Ignorance on our part of modem martial arts training methods will only benefit our aggressors. So let's avail ourselves of innovative training techniques so that we haverepparttar 130763 power (and speed, coordination, conditioning, etc.) to fight back and win.

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Fran Joseph has been training in martial arts since the age of seven. She holds black belts in hwarang do and taekwondo.She is a Senior Instructor of Jeet Kune Do and Eskrima/Kali & an expert in nunchuku, (which she taught to "DRAGON" star, Jason Scott Lee), Fran has choreographed fight scenes for several major films along with her partner, Jerry poteet. She also works with various law enforcement agencies.

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