Effective media relations – you won’t be talking to the media without it!

Written by Mark Croxford

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Media relations is also about: oputting out regular media releases on appropriate issues that catchrepparttar eye, with short paragraphs written in newspaper style, oactively providing comment on issues and or decisions, oknowing what builds or makes a story, and oknowing how to keep a story alive and when to let it go.

Usingrepparttar 145243 media effectively can help you win public support. Public support is critical when trying to convince others, such as government or bureaucracy ofrepparttar 145244 merit of a particular proposal or application. Once you’re comfortable talking torepparttar 145245 media you should take a proactive approach to your media relations. The benefits are well worth it inrepparttar 145246 long run.

If you’re not ready to manage your own media relations, but would like to work toward it, consider approaching a specialist inrepparttar 145247 field. They can provide advice or management as appropriate on media issues, help write media releases, distribute media releases, organise news conferences, facilitate one-on-one meetings with journalists, as well as deal with crisis and issues management.

Effective media relations can help you and your organisation develop a media profile. The benefit of a media profile becomes obvious when doors open wider for you within government, business andrepparttar 145248 community.

Mark Croxford advises clients from the government, private and corporate sectors on Government and Media Relations. He is a co-author of Talking to the Media. Talking to the Media teaches readers the skills and techniques they need to exploit the media’s strengths, limitations and demands. Don’t spend any money on media training until you’ve read Talking to the Media http://www.talkingtothemedia.com

Land Subdivision - $1.2 Billion Dollar Developer Tells You How To Do It

Written by Colm Dillon

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It is vital you know this information before you commit yourself to land subdivision costs and sorepparttar Engineer or Land Surveyor are very important not only at your investigation stage, but also when you proceed withrepparttar 145242 land subdivision planning application preparation and lodgment with your Local Authority. These guys will do all that work for you.

So what does all that add up to?

Yes, you should gorepparttar 145243 Local Authority in your area ofrepparttar 145244 world that handles Town Planning and study their Town Plan.

You may even be able to get a photo copy of that area ofrepparttar 145245 plan that concerns your land. Readrepparttar 145246 local By-Laws aboutrepparttar 145247 type of land subdivision you plan to do.

Next, if you don’t have a recommendation as to which Engineer or Land Surveyor to use, do as I suggest in my e-book, Residential Development Made Easy, go and interview several of them in your area.

Remember, as you are low on experience,repparttar 145248 interview is your opportunity to find someone with whom you feel comfortable on a personal level.

* Do they ‘talk down’ to you and treat you as though you’re a mug?

* Are they information givers?

* Do they explain things to you?

* What land subdivision are they currently working on?

* Where is their most recently completed land subdivision?

You don’t haverepparttar 145249 expertise inrepparttar 145250 profession, so use you own instincts.

When you find one that suits you, Do Not start off your relationship, by attempting to haggle overrepparttar 145251 professional fees he proposed to charge you.

If you have interviewed several professional you will knowrepparttar 145252 range of fees charged, BUT you do not knowrepparttar 145253 extent or range of workrepparttar 145254 firm has to carry out.

So to haggle with a professional based on such skinny information, tellsrepparttar 145255 professional that they should avoid you by a mile.

I have developed over $1.2 Billion worth of real estate and have never in my life haggled over a professional fee andrepparttar 145256 reason is simple.

* First: I believe everyone is entitled to a profit from their endeavors, provided they do a good job.

* Second: If you land subdivision financial feasibility study is so marginal that you have to save a few thousand dollars by screwingrepparttar 145257 fees of your professional consultants, then either you have a bad development or you are just a bad employer.

* Third: I believe in incentive. I prefer to pay a guy more than he asks. Guess how he performs for me as opposed to clients who don’t.

Author & $1.2 Billion Real Estate Developer, Colm Dillon, Has Written The Best Selling & Only 'How To' E-book, "Residential Development Made Easy," With Readers in All States in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and 79 other Countries. His independent web site is http://www.realestatedevelopmentcoach.com

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