Effective Marketing Tool I Bet You Haven't Tried Yet

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A.

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7. Openrepparttar Loop. A good distance learning course provides resources for lots of other learning opportunties, some of which will be yours! I also pair with another coach who offers services I don't want to provide. I trust her products, she trusts mine. Once they go to her to get XYZ, her courses/services refer them back to me, forrepparttar 125079 special things I offer. We both build our practices that way, help our clients, and sell more useful products.

8. The interactive aspects of your distance learning course are also great new avenues for marketing. Interactive isrepparttar 125080 best way to learn and also works to your advantage. Design your courses so thatrepparttar 125081 students email their responses to you. In each email interaction there's a chance for you to teach more, and also to promote your products that are relevant. Make sure your sig line works for you in that respect. [See my topten "Letrepparttar 125082 Signature Block of Your Email Work for You" (If link doesn't work, go to www.topten.org/public/AF/AF527.html.

9. Build relationship--the greatest marketing "tool" of all. Be giving and personal in your responses to students' assignments. The person will have a chance to get to know and trust you, and we do business with people whom we like and whom we trust. Makerepparttar 125083 connection in every way you can.

10. If you know and love your subject, and love people, this will show through. You'll naturally attract a following for your services and products.

When you're a teacher, you are in a position to take advantage ofrepparttar 125084 teacher-archetype. Be faithful to it; use it wisely and well. A "teacher" holds a special place in our lives. We love those teachers who teach us well and with love. We naturally listen to them and look to them for guidance. Honor this archetype in all that you do, and your students will begin to look to you for other sources of learning and development. They'll also give you ideas for other products and services, and will refer you to friends. One of my students recommended my course to everyone else in his department.

There are many ways to use distance learning courses to market yourself and your products. Be a good teacher, and be creative, andrepparttar 125085 opportunities are endless. This is cross-marketing at its best.

Susan Dunn is a personal and professional development coach specializing in the marketing of professional services through the Internet. She's a mentor coach who teaches distance learning courses on a variety of current topics. Email her for her free ezine.

The Secret To Creating A Great Reputation For Your Online Business

Written by Alex Parker

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Advertise your great reputation in ezines, on your website, on other websites, in banner ads, in text ads and on discussion boards. Use testimonials from satisfied customers to boost your credibility when you tellrepparttar world all about your great reputation.

Once you have started to gain a good reputation, how do you keep it? At a minimum, dorepparttar 125078 following:

1. Provide a quality product or service: This should be obvious but some may need to hear it. If your product breaks onrepparttar 125079 first use or if your service stinks then thereís no way to gain a great reputation. Customers know when they have been scammed and they will let everyone else know it too.

2. Provide quality customer service: Reply promptly to all customer problems and requests for assistance.

3. Give refunds: If you absolutely canít satisfyrepparttar 125080 customer then refund his money in a prompt and courteous manner.

4. Conduct follow up customer surveys: Ask customers to complete a survey regarding your product or service. Make sure to include space onrepparttar 125081 survey for general comments. Pay close attention to statements made in this section. If a customer goes out of her way to write it out then it is important information.

5. Donate to charity: If your budget allows, make a point of donating a percentage of your profits to a worthy cause. Make sure you advertise this fact as much as possible. People love to feel that they are helping others.

You really should tryrepparttar 125082 suggestions youíve read in this article. After all, as you may know, I have a fabulous reputation inrepparttar 125083 online community.

Keep Learning and Keep Promoting!


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