Education enlarges us.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

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Now mediocrity isrepparttar place to be, No failure and no success, No one grows and no one knows, And no one could care less, Where there was intellect, read neglect, Where there was exercise read sloth, Where there was ingenuity read apathy, Assuming you read or write or both, What price a system that has missed them, Painting failure as success as it is turning, Where once education was our salvation Now we just have dumbed down learning,

Whilst exercise brightened our eyes, And tuition filtered through our heads, Where discipline and rules gave us tools, And stirred us from all our beds, Their eyes are leaden with whats fed them, Byrepparttar 118196 programmes and adverts 24/7, That lead them obese to an early feast, And a slow hell instead of heaven.

You cant subscribe to its safe inside, Without losing out onrepparttar 118197 adventure, You cant restrict all lifes conflicts, Cant create things out of censure, You cant repeal what people feel, Cant tell them that you know best Cant cast aside all exercise, Cant dispelrepparttar 118198 need for tests, For they will divine, given time, And their innate common sense, You cant form quality from equality, Or lead whilst sitting onrepparttar 118199 fence.

Its so plain to see, to you and me, Education left to artifice and device, Will not turn out scribes and lions, It will merely churn out mice.

Ex Civil Engineer and Systems Programmer. Ex Grammar School. 52 this July.


Written by VJ Gibson

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‘She’s my Macho Mountain Mama

Like a bird, her spirit’s free

She flies a big hang-glider throughrepparttar skies

And I feel up there she’s closer

To her real true love than me

And I envy how my Macho Mountain Mama flies’

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