Education Builds Credibility With Your Prospects

Written by Craig Valine

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* If your guarantee is longer thanrepparttar competition, tell them why. It will show that you truly believe in your product and are willing to stand by it no matter what.

* If you're having a private sale for existing customers, tell them why. It will show them how special they are and how much you care about them.

* If you do business differently than anyone else in your industry, tell them why. It'll show that you're not just another commodity and copy-cat business.

* If you're selective about who you'll do business with, tell them why. It'll revere them as special and increase their confidence in doing business with you over and over again.

You see, it's very simple. Educate them. Tell themrepparttar 127493 reasons why, and you become not onlyrepparttar 127494 leader in your field of expertise, but you becomerepparttar 127495 resource that your customers want to follow and respect.

How many businesses you do you know that actually tell yourepparttar 127496 "whole truth" about a product or service or special they're offering? Not many. Andrepparttar 127497 one's that DO explainrepparttar 127498 "method to their madness," arerepparttar 127499 one's that are very successful.

Honesty and education breeds credibility and trust. Avoid being vague when you communicate an offer. The truth and nothing butrepparttar 127500 truth will help you becomerepparttar 127501 business leader you know you can be.

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Back End Selling . . . .

Written by Don Monteith

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Many firms stop withrepparttar one (1st) sale and never realizerepparttar 127492 added profits they are leaving behind. YOU would never let this happen. Onrepparttar 127493 other hand, maybe it would just be a good exercise for all of us…. to ASK yourself…. am I selling everything I possibly can to ALL of my current customers? Hits hard, doesn’t it?

Think about it! You have been successful in making that first sale. Why? Our basic assumption is that you have earned their confidence. Trust. You have lived up to your promises. Your product or service has met or exceeded their expectation. It’s only natural to believe that you will live up to this same level of competence inrepparttar 127494 future.

Search for your USP… Unique Selling Proposition. What is it that makes YOUR firm stand out fromrepparttar 127495 pack? Are you REALLY any different? Do you offer something special that only YOU can provide? This is what separatesrepparttar 127496 great businesses fromrepparttar 127497 also ran. You have to be unique. Different! A visionary. Added VALUE is every customer’s expectation today.

Your next challenge is to find as many "back-end" products / services as you can. There is no better customer than one who has already done business with you. YOUR greatest business asset is your customer… without him/her…there is no business.

ACTION TIP: Treat your customer as someone SPECIAL. Look for new products to compliment your first sale. Separate yourself and your firm fromrepparttar 127498 ordinary. Be an important source of information. Make suggestions. Offer to help. Work hard at keeping every customer. Your most valuable business asset.

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