Educate Yourself about Telecommuting... But don't go broke buying Information Packets!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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Taking this list of items, go to one ofrepparttar larger search engines and begin your search for each item. Findrepparttar 119094 most relevant site or article and use that as a basis to extend your research until you understandrepparttar 119095 basics forrepparttar 119096 given topic.

Believe it or not, most ofrepparttar 119097 information you need to understand telecommuting and how to locate such opportunities is available at sites like:

- Telecommuting@About (http:/ - Job Search@About ( - Freelance Write@About ( - Career Planning@About ( - June Langhoff ( - Gil Gordon (

As for locatingrepparttar 119098 jobs that are usually listed inrepparttar 119099 packets, you can find this information in several locations, including:

- Telecommuting Jobs ( - Jobvertise (

--- What's next? ---

To avoid spending money unnecessarily, pay attention torepparttar 119100 content ofrepparttar 119101 packets before you buy or make sure that they have a return policy. Also, focus onrepparttar 119102 information sites that can add value to your endeavors, not repeatrepparttar 119103 same information already available and known.

If you spend a little time onrepparttar 119104 Internet, you will findrepparttar 119105 free information that is otherwise available in most ofrepparttar 119106 for-purchase telecommuting packages. All you have to do is researchrepparttar 119107 topic and learn what you can fromrepparttar 119108 morass of information available.

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That One Magic Word

Written by Gail Hornback

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P - Pray and Plan - in that order! You can't get anywhere without either!

E - Expect to get discouraged. Nothing goes perfectly, and NOTHING happens in 1 day!

R - Read everything you can get your hands on about business onrepparttar internet. Develop a discernment about what is hype and what is truth.

S - Submit, submit, submit. Keep at it DAILY. Use all your resources.

E - Everyone is NOT an expert. They may sound like one, or claim to be one. But they had to start at repparttar 119093 beginning just like you.

V - Value is not always in dollars! Give yourself to your customers! Giverepparttar 119094 REAL YOU!

E - Even if it means not making a sale, ALWAYS be honest! You'll earn more inrepparttar 119095 long run.

R - Rest. Don't burn yourself out. This is NOT all there is to life!!!!!

E - Enjoy Yourself!!!!!! Have fun at what you do. You'll EVENTUALLY be successful... IF.........You PERSEVERE!!!!

Gail Hornback is a stay at home mom of 5, editor of WebWorksAtHome Weekly Update, and author of the WebWorks Website at Email to:

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