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Written by Richard Dean

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If your site sells an intangible product (including software or subscriptions) or a tangible one that people can't inspect, you can maximize your downloads, sales or signups by merely adding a three-dimensional graphic, such as a cover, case, box or card.

Statistics show that, when companies incorporate 3D to show off their products online, they see a 300% increase in page views, a 200% increase in sales and a 50% increase in time spent atrepparttar site. Moreover, websites who use 3D seem to experience a lower return rate than companies who used 2D (or nothing at all).

If you sell anything online, including intangible products, you can use 3D to help maximize your clickthroughs, downloads and sales. Three-dimensional pictures are quite effective for:

- Electronic books, - Software programs, - Streaming audio or video, - Email newsletters (or "ezines"), - CD-ROMs or music CDs, - Booklet or special reports, - Video- or audio-casettes, - Access to private sites or content, - Subscription services, - Web-based services and applications, - Or information products.

With scams and snake oils infestingrepparttar 108396 web, people are naturally skeptical when making "blind" purchases online. If they can't see your product, or ifrepparttar 108397 image you project is unprofessional, they will assume there's something wrong with it or that your product is just as unprofessional. People do judge books by their covers.

A recent BCG Consumer Survey found that people are still leery of making purchases online, noting that, "70% of respondents worry about making purchases viarepparttar 108398 web." But by giving your prospects something can at least visually appreciate, however, you not only increase your chances but also create instant credibility.

Simply stated, a multidimensional shopping experience givesrepparttar 108399 visitor more information and makesrepparttar 108400 customer more confident. By bringing your product to "life," if you will, you give them something they can feel better about.

Asrepparttar 108401 adage goes, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression." What impression are you conveying? If people judge books by their covers, make sure yours is worth judging.

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The House Of Print.Com

Written by Tony Dean

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to at least put a synopsis of their books onrepparttar internet so at least letting peple know they exist, and where to obtain it in print or where to download it from. Many books are now downloadable, but they are published only by technology enlightened individuals, notrepparttar 108395 large publishers. Even prints can be obtained from such e-books,repparttar 108396 technology has advanced that far. It needsrepparttar 108397 willingness of publishers and authors to add value to this new fount of knowledge. The first great library was established in Alexandria, in ancient Egypt by Ptolemy, but it was burnt down later by invaders, and all manuscripts were lost. What lost knowledge we could have gained we do not know, for there was often only one copy made on papyrus scrolls and no other copies ever made. Withrepparttar 108398 internet andrepparttar 108399 enormous computing capacity we have, there would be countless copies of e-books online for instant download, and therefore new knowledge, and works of great literature, need never be lost, for they are so easily replicable and distributable to a potential audience of three billion people on this planet. Modern man, and woman, now looks for information onrepparttar 108400 internet, they no longer go to bookshops looking for it, withrepparttar 108401 enormous capacity available, all information should be onrepparttar 108402 internet including all government information. The fact that retail sales of printed books have been falling off overrepparttar 108403 last few years means that publishers, and authors, have got to get withrepparttar 108404 new technology - we no longer use papyrus scrolls.


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