Economical Use of Banner Ads On Your Web Site!

Written by Joe Reinbold

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One other neat thing about this is that you can haverepparttar banners rotate on as many pages as you want and you only need to setrepparttar 101183 script up once on your site. We have it on about 20 pages of our site. All it takes is to put that one short line of code onrepparttar 101184 html page you wantrepparttar 101185 banners to appear on. The more pages you have it on,repparttar 101186 more exposure you get. If someone surfs six pages of your site and your happen to haverepparttar 101187 banner script on those pages, there is a good chance they will see six different banners.

So where do you get it? While there are a number ofrepparttar 101188 scripts available both for free and for a fee, we got ours for free from Cliff's Perl Scripts site. Just go to his site at: and look for "Cliff's Banner Rotator Version 2.51". There was a link to it right onrepparttar 101189 first pagerepparttar 101190 last time we were there. Then just downloadrepparttar 101191 files (there's only 3 small ones), followrepparttar 101192 easy directions and upload it to your site.

It is a great way to get exposure forrepparttar 101193 multiple activities that you might be involved in. You can put 2, 5, 8 or 12 like we have. You could even put different banners fromrepparttar 101194 same program (we have two fromrepparttar 101195 same program inrepparttar 101196 rotation). Be creative! You could even sell space on a rotating script! Take a look at it and see if you might be able to use it to your advantage and create a more economical use of your web real estate.

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Beyond Scientific Advertising

Written by John Colanzi

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<> Internet Marketing Is A Scam

<> Nobody Is Really Making Any Money Online

<> My Friends Were Right. I can't make money online.

If you're one ofrepparttar patient and persistent few, who've reachedrepparttar 101182 other shore, it's time to leaverepparttar 101183 boat behind.

It's time to develop your own marketing style. It's time to set yourself apart fromrepparttar 101184 herd.

You're ready to learnrepparttar 101185 art of marketing. You ready to begin trusting your instincts.

You'll see opportunity everywhere. You'll be able to pull repparttar 101186 trigger. You won't need a slide rule and calculator to know if a product or service will be profitable.

You'll wonder why it took you so long to trust your instincts.

You'll have so many ideas you'll wish there were 60 hours in a day.

Learnrepparttar 101187 science of marketing, but whenrepparttar 101188 time comes and you're ready to move torepparttar 101189 next level, trust your instincts.

The art of marketing is so much more fun. You'll be running on high octane and never worry about competition again.

Wishing You Success

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