Economic Recession or not, you Must be Creative to Survive

Written by Fred Farah

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Niche Markets isrepparttar ultimate solution

The trend today is to get away from good old fashioned Internet Marketing, and develop Niche markets. The most recession proof answer torepparttar 137069 question of surviving a recession is to have several different Niche web businesses.

What could be better than a series of web sites in a small niche market selling affordable products. If one small niche can bring you just $300 to $500 a month, it is obviously not enough to live on. But, if you have 3 niche markets each earning $500 per month, that is $1,500. Not bad. What if you have 10 sites each making $500,repparttar 137070 total of $5,000 a month is quite respectable. Now that is a reasonable amount to live on.

The best part of it is this. As trends change, like they do every year if not every few months, you may find one or two of your niches go dry. You may give them up. If you have to, it is not life threatening because ofrepparttar 137071 backup position you have with all your other niche sites.

How many niche markets should you have? No easy answer to that one. Every individual case is different. Phil Wiley claims to have over 100 niche sites. In case you're not sure who Phil Wiley is, he isrepparttar 137072 author ofrepparttar 137073 most renowned ebook on Niche Marketing called Mine Site Profits. You can read a good review at Best Affiliate Products at

Personally I am working on a couple of niche sites, and my first target is 10 sites. After that, who knows. As long as you findrepparttar 137074 products people want, recession or not, you will be a winner.

Go for it, build a few niche sites. You can't go wrong.

Fred Farah copyright 2005

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What is a Duvet Cover?

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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Cleaning your duvet cover is usually just as simple as cleaning sheets. You toss them inrepparttar washer and dryer as needed. Sincerepparttar 136674 duvet cover resides on top of your bed, washing it each season tends to be frequently enough for most people.

Duvet covers can be easily made too, from a pair of bed sheets actually. If you find a set of sheets you really like, or you love your current sheets so much you'd like to show them off, buy another two top sheets inrepparttar 136675 same style, then simply sew them together. Leave one end open to slide your comforter into, and put buttons, a zipper, or pretty ribbon ties on that open end.

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