Ecommerce Store Owners : Want Visitors? Here’s How. . .

Written by Robin Porter

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One useful piece of software for researching and keeping track of link requests is available at . (If nothing else,repparttar free search engine optimisation course is one ofrepparttar 145895 best free courses I have ever come across)

Are You Using Pay Per Click Advertising?

There’s nothing like Pay Per click (PPC) for a quick shot inrepparttar 145896 arm! You can often have traffic within an hour of setting up a campaign with Google Adwords ( Overture is Google’s main Ppc competitor ( and can take a few days to get up an running with, but they are now part of Yahoo! – and therefore mustn’t be overlooked.

Ppc search engines can provide you with extremely well targeted traffic that you can turn on and off like a tap. However, you must get your strategy right or you will haemorrhage cash ; develop a large list of targeted keywords, write a catchy text advert and don’t get drawn into bidding wars.

Are You Overlooking Your Existing Customers?

Once your online store starts getting customers, make sure you keep them. Develop a newsletter to keep in contact with them – and regularly send them details of special offers and new products. Repeat business is often overlooked – but it is a vital part of some ofrepparttar 145897 webs most successful ecommerce operations.

And if you already have a “bricks and mortar” store, don’t forget to publicise your new online shop – include it in all your stationery and marketing materials.

The marketing and promotion of an online store is an ongoing project. The most successful store owners know how important it is to set aside time each week to attend to marketing - whether it’s link building, writing a newsletter or keeping abreast ofrepparttar 145898 latest online marketing developments – success comes to those who consistently putrepparttar 145899 work in.

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Robin Porter has been CEO of London based web designer Arpey Internet ( for over six years.

Trends In Online Discount Apparel Shopping

Written by Robin Downey

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Remember, respect your customers and they will respect you.


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My name is Robin Downey, I am 38 years old. I have been in online trading now for about three years. I also write music, have won awards for creative writing and I write songs.

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