Ecommerce: A New Artform

Written by Rob Spiegel

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Napster was a wonderful example of this. A teenager was able to create a service that was quickly utilized by millions upon millions of users. Of course Napster had a glaring flaw:repparttar company was trading in products created by others, and trading withoutrepparttar 109021 consent of those who producedrepparttar 109022 products. Butrepparttar 109023 heart ofrepparttar 109024 matter is that someone without substantial resources could build a highly-used, well-recognized brand out of little more than a creative idea. Usingrepparttar 109025 same infrastructure, surely someone will come up with another intriguing idea that will capture our imagination and a big audience, and it will probably happen soon. Andrepparttar 109026 next wave of creative Internet entrepreneurs will have learned fromrepparttar 109027 Internet crash and its aftermath.

The Internet isn't dead. It's just stumbling a bit while taking its toddler steps. Internet start-up ideas will continue to attract creative people, simply becauserepparttar 109028 free infrastructure invites innovation and resists control. Control isrepparttar 109029 deathword to creativity. Creative people have shunned business for that reason alone. Yet in a world where creativity and innovation becomerepparttar 109030 critical elements for success, you bet creative people will begin to see commerce as an avenue of expression.

Duringrepparttar 109031 high days of Internet exuberance, I used this column to makerepparttar 109032 claim that business will berepparttar 109033 creative medium ofrepparttar 109034 early 21st century. I still believe it's true, simply becauserepparttar 109035 basic elements still exist a encourage a creative approach to business. The resources to support a new company do not require control so much as creative manipulation. Given this free and open canvas, creative people will rush in, despiterepparttar 109036 lingering notion that business is somehow anti-creative.

Rob Spiegel is the author of Net Strategy (Dearborn) and the upcoming Shoestring Entrepreneur's Guide to Internet Start-ups (St. Martin's Press). You can reach Rob at

10 Super Tips For The Budding Online Entrepreneur

Written by Patrick Ravi

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6. Words

While a picture paints a thousand words. Online words reinforce that picture. Forrepparttar online entrepreneur using carefully selected words and phrases could make a big difference in your sales process. Here are a few examples:

7. Ask, Ask, Ask

We have seen people conduct a whole seminar only on this one word. Asking in any form in marketing is a must do. It is like playing chess. Imagine what happens when nobody makes a move. Ask for a response , ask them to join your mailing list, ask them to order your product or services. Even offer free e-books, free scripts, and free resources for them to make a decision to buy your idea, product or services. If you need an ebook to give away Free, we have something new that teaches fromrepparttar 109020 basic torepparttar 109021 advance level of ezine publishing at :

8. Participating in Chatrooms

You will be surprised atrepparttar 109022 number of chat rooms online. It seems like people just love to chat. Without getting distracted with idle talk chatrooms, participate in online chat rooms pertaining to your industry, products and services.

9. Exchange Ads

Trading ads among ezine publishers is a cost saving advertising tool and a vital strategy. Also known as Ad swaps, it is an activity that can help you to expose your product or services for free, and also expose your message to a larger readership. This is one ofrepparttar 109023 best ways of bringing traffic to your website.

10. A Guarantee

When we purchase courses and softwares online, we always look whether there is a guarantee. We bet most of you dorepparttar 109024 same. It is providing this sense of security that helps win many sales. While there will always be a small degree of abuse when you give guarantees , onrepparttar 109025 average people are good and honest. So don't let a few rotten apples spoilrepparttar 109026 whole bunch. When you look at these 10 points, you may ask yourself, is this all ? Of course not! there will always be other things to be good at and to continue improving to excellence. Our purpose of presenting this article is with one goal that is to bring out ideas from our readers.

Inrepparttar 109027 end , how you applyrepparttar 109028 above in your own enviroment will makerepparttar 109029 real difference.

Patrick Ravi is an E-Marketing Consultant forrepparttar 109030 Asia Pacific Rim Get his Free Online course that reveals his success secrets on how to turn your computer into a CyberCash Register, all on a shoe string budget at:

Patrick Ravi is an E-Marketing Consultant for the Asia Pacific Rim Get his Free Online course that reveals his success secrets on how to turn your computer into a CyberCash Register, all on a shoe string budget at:

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