Ebooks, what are they?

Written by Darrell Mutz

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They are very convenient too. If you carry a palm pilot, wallet, purse or laptop, you can carry an ebook with you. You could take a walk in a park and sit on a bench under a tree enjoying an ebook on that palm pilot or laptop of yours and not have to mess with that wonderful breeze turning your pages. Ebooks come in different formats like PDF, Palm, Microsoft Reader, etc. Couldn’t make it torepparttar library? Try one onrepparttar 108438 net. View it on line or just download it. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Technology is now in your hand with usability, readability, affordability, and accessibility. You can do everything and anything with an ebook that you can do with an ordinary book, even write one yourself. Now that’s what an ebook is.

I hope I was able to enlighten you and help you with understanding ebooks better. Try a free ebook or if you have any comments or questions just contact us.

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The Problem With E-Books

Written by David Coyne

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“Wait a second” you say. “What about my costs to duplicate, package and shiprepparttar product?”

Here’srepparttar 108437 beauty ofrepparttar 108438 information marketing business: people pay forrepparttar 108439 value ofrepparttar 108440 information, notrepparttar 108441 physical medium on which it’s delivered (e.g. paper, audiotape, videotape, CD etc.)

It’s dirt cheap to duplicate information products. It’s easy to duplicate a CD-ROM on your computer and blank CDs are less than a dollar each.

I have an info product that I sell for $397. To duplicate, package and ship it via UPS, costs me $60. Subtract $50 for advertising. That still leaves me with $287. That’s a huge profit margin.

So instead of concentrating all of your marketing efforts on low priced info products, be sure that you have one or two higher priced items that you’re actively promoting.

Use e-books as a stepping stone to upsell customers. Once they’ve purchased a product from you, you’ve established a relationship with them. Someone who’s already down business with you is five times more likely to buy than someone who hasn’t.

David Coyne is a copywriter, marketing consultant and president of DC Infobiz.

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