Ebook Review: How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook in as little as 7 days

Written by Andy George

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The content ofrepparttar eBook contained some very useful aspects such as: ·Distinguishing between a successful and failure formula for an eBook. ·Tips for selecting a topic for an eBook ·How to writerepparttar 108371 eBook in 7 days – though I think this target may be ambitious in practicerepparttar 108372 methodology mentioned byrepparttar 108373 authors is worth considering. ·Various tips on how to publishrepparttar 108374 eBook.

The price ofrepparttar 108375 eBook is in my opinion reasonable value consideringrepparttar 108376 money that can be saved by reading this eBook andrepparttar 108377 valuable links that can be obtained fromrepparttar 108378 eBook. But I felt at times thatrepparttar 108379 authors over elaborated and could have been more concise in their writing.

Overall I believe that a purchase ofrepparttar 108380 eBook for a price under $30 is worth buying despite its limitations.

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Andy George is an accountant with years’ experience as a lecturer. Andy was financial correspondent for eight years at the Cyprus Financial Mirror where he wrote articles on business & accounting related issues to a non-technical audience.

He is the author of eBooks: How to write and Publish Your Own With a Shoestring Budget http://www.budgetebook.com New! Easy Way to Make Auto-Pilot Income http://www.budgetebook.com/cbmall

How to Eliminate Credit Card Refunds from 'Digital Thieves'.

Written by George Papazoglou

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A portion of cyber thieves, download a digital product, whether ebook or software, only to illegally sell it online at eBay or sell it in "warez sites".

Optimistically, these unprincipled pinches are either prosecuted torepparttar fullest extend ofrepparttar 108370 law, for infringement of copyrights, or face imprisonment along with heavy fines.

So if you want to avoid getting targeted by cyber thieves (and losing thousands),repparttar 108371 wisest approach is to conduct business with an e-commerce processor who will protect you against dodgy "freebie hunters" (see http://traffic-engine.net/stormpay for a genuine payment processor).

After all, it is *your duty* to forming your own "refunds policy", not your processor's.

George Papazoglou is the author behind http://cyber-software.com and http://traffic-engine.net This article may be freely distributed / republished, as long as it contains the author's credits and the precise entirety of the provided article, titled: "How to Eliminate Credit Card Refunds from 'Digital Thieves'".

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