Ebook Rebranding - The New Ebook Marketing Power?

Written by Joe Lee

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Second technique is to charge people certain fees for them to rebrand your ebook. In other words, you are sellingrepparttar rights to rebrand your ebook. This is particularlyrepparttar 108392 case when you have no choice but to promote a single tier affiliate program. To make your offer more enticing, sell themrepparttar 108393 master rebrand rights.

Yes, I know you may be wondering why I said so. I'll quote you an example to illustrate this.

Say Joe buysrepparttar 108394 master rebrand rights and distribute your ebook to everyone he knows. Then, whoever wants to rebrandrepparttar 108395 ebook Joe gives away, he or she has to pay Joe instead of you! Sound interesting? In such way, your readers are more willing to rebrandrepparttar 108396 ebook because it earns them more profits. I would definitely loverepparttar 108397 idea of me chargingrepparttar 108398 people fees instead of you.

The third technique would require you to have your own products. Don't worry if you're too busy and have no time to create one. You can buy resell rights to a product. Ebookslot.com at http://www.ebookslot.com is a good place to shop for ebooks and software products with resell rights. You can buy a package of ebooks with resell rights and repackage it to create your own unique product. Then set up an affiliate program and write a free info-product that promotes your product. Include a message in your ebook that tell your customers you are willing to give awayrepparttar 108399 rebrand rights only if they buy your product. Instead of asking your readers to BUYrepparttar 108400 rebrand rights, you actually ask them to buy your products. People will join your affiliate program if they think it's easy to promote your product and make money.

To create rebrandable EXE ebook, you can use Active Ebook Compiler which is by farrepparttar 108401 most affordable html compiler. You can also use pdf995 or pdfedit995 if you are creating rebrandable PDF ebook. Both tools are free!

So, start creating your own infoproduct with links to good affiliate programs TODAY and success is just right on your doorstep!

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Clickbank Vendors: Two Simple Ways You Can Help Affiliates Protect Their Sales.

Written by John Hocking

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All you have to do is look atrepparttar source code of a typical sales link and you will seerepparttar 108391 vendor id.

For example: http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?YourVendorId/1/Product_Description

To rebuildrepparttar 108392 hoplink you simply use http://hop.clickbank.net/?AffiliatesId/YourVendorId

Now when you click onrepparttar 108393 hoplink andrepparttar 108394 original affiliate has lost a sale.

As you can see, without knowingrepparttar 108395 vendor id, you can not successfully rebuildrepparttar 108396 hoplink andrepparttar 108397 affiliates sale would be protected.

Below is an example of how to do this in PHP.

You will need to replace [ and ] with less then and greater then symbols.

Create a file called order.php

Addrepparttar 108398 following code


header("Location: http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?YourVendorId/1/Product_Description");

exit; ?]

Just replace YourVendorID with your Clickbank ID Replace 1 with your product number Replace Product_Description with your Product Description

Upload order.php intorepparttar 108399 same folder as your sales page.

Now link to order.php instead of usingrepparttar 108400 raw order link and your Vendor ID is never exposed

This will make it very hard for affiliates to rob other affiliates of their commissions.

I encourage you to make these simple changes to protectrepparttar 108401 commissions of your affiliates.

John Hocking created http://www.guidetoebookmarketing.com, A resource site for those looking for information on creating and marketing ebooks. You will find hundreds of articles, ebook reviews and resource links.

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