Ebook Formats (HTML)

Written by Shelley Lowery

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Activ E-book (Recommended) http://www.web-source.net/cgi-bin/web/jump.cgi?ID=105

This program isn't as easy as E-ditor Pro or Ebook Edit Pro, but withrepparttar aid ofrepparttar 108491 instructions you can easily create a nice ebook. The great thing about this compiler is that it assigns an ESBN number to each ebook you compile. In addition, this great compiler will also enable you to create a "Rebranding" software. This additional software can be used to enable your users to modify parts ofrepparttar 108492 ebook that you specify without recompiling. It also has a free demo that is fully functional for up to 10 files to be compiled (including graphics). You can create and distribute ebooks withrepparttar 108493 free demo, but you must registerrepparttar 108494 software if you'd like to sell Cost: $29.95

As you can see, both ebook formats have a number of advantages and disadvantages andrepparttar 108495 decision may be a little difficult.

The best ebook format for your project will really depend upon your own preference. However, it is also important to take into considerationrepparttar 108496 type of ebook you're creating andrepparttar 108497 number of pages it will contain. For example, if you've written a manuscript with hundreds of pages and have it typed into your word processing program, you won't want to waste your time creating an HTML page for each page of your ebook. Your best option will be to purchase Adobe Acrobat and compile your ebook intorepparttar 108498 PDF format. HTML compiled ebooks are better for smaller projects such as "how-to", "instructional" or "informational" ebooks.

Another consideration of great importance is your sales plan. If you're planning on marketing your ebook yourself, then it really doesn't matter which format you use. However, if you're planning on selling your ebook on one ofrepparttar 108499 ebook publishing sites, many of them will only accept ebooks inrepparttar 108500 PDF format.

A good way to cover all of your bases is to simply publish your ebook in both formats. Let your customers decide which format they would prefer.

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How To Write An Ebook, One Article At A Time

Written by John Colanzi

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The ideas started coming faster. It got torepparttar point I always had more ideas in my mind than I had time to write.

Before I knew it I had over 60 articles and my output was getting faster.

I began to realize that with a little editing to makerepparttar 108490 articles flow together, I could begin writing books.

I now had my own built in database. Nowrepparttar 108491 ideas for articles are becoming ideas for books. I have tons of articles to expand into chapters and I can link them together into a quality book.

Sorepparttar 108492 next time you sit down to write an article, realize you're really writing a mini book.

Once you start getting inrepparttar 108493 habit of writing articles, realize you are writing a book, one article at a time.

If this dummy can do it, I know you can!!

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