Ebonic Pursuit Card game for the Illiterate

Written by Latroy Hawkins

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repparttar ebonics words. They were laughing and carrying on for about fifteen minutes. As I left I said that they should learn proper English, they responded "Get outrepparttar 140760 Cool aid Nigger before I Cancel Christmas on your black ass and give you cootchie ripper like a mother bleeper." There was five or six of them so I just left. It's a sad state of affairs whatrepparttar 140761 young people are up to. Whose going to runrepparttar 140762 country for us inrepparttar 140763 next generation?

Research Ebonics http://www.ebonicpursuit.com

Forty five year old Teacher from New York.

Baroness Elisa and Synergy to Perform in Copenhagen Denmark Friday June 3rd

Written by Daniel J. Rowe

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Great musical theater songsrepparttar Baroness has chosen for this charity theatrical event are dramatically intense, touching, witty, ironic, and just plain charming. Baroness Elisa, who has performed on world stages throughout Europe and Australia, noted, “It is an honor and privilege to perform for this noble and important cause”. The intimate three hundred seat Crest Theatre in Delray Beach provides a perfect theater venue whererepparttar 140759 Baroness Elisa’s charisma and audience connection can thrive. The Crest Theatre is located atrepparttar 140760 historic Old School Square, 51 North Swinton Ave., in downtown Delray Beach. Theater reviewers raved aboutrepparttar 140761 Baroness’ show: “The slender red-headed ingénue meltsrepparttar 140762 hearts of audiences. She is in every sense ofrepparttar 140763 word a beautiful woman, earthy, gentle, and comfortable with herself, and in touch with her audience. The Baroness is joined her talented musical director, husband, and Baron, Peter Gerolymatos onrepparttar 140764 piano.” Ticket prices are affordably priced at $50 and may be purchased onrepparttar 140765 internet through Ticketweb at www.ticketweb.com or by calling 866-468-7630.

Contact Information: Daniel Rowe Drowe@baronesselisa.com

Crest Theatre Media Contact: Melissa Carter mcarter@oldschool.org 561-243-7922


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