Eating ... Gaining Weight ... How to Control the Urge to Splurge

Written by Reed Floren

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Distinguish specific cravings from hunger. Suppose you drive by a fast food outlet and all of a sudden, you develop a deep craving for French fries. Rather than rushing downrepparttar drive thru section, reassess your urge. Turn on your favorite music and switch your attention away fromrepparttar 150578 fries idea. Suppose, onrepparttar 150579 other hand, you feelrepparttar 150580 need to satisfy notrepparttar 150581 urge but your hunger, select an apple pie or salad as a substitute.

Cut Hundreds of Calories.

Sure you can cut on hundreds of calories on what you eat every day! How? By makingrepparttar 150582 appropriate choices on replacing high-calorie to low-calorie foods, such as cheese, creams, whole milk, butter, etc. Here are easy tricks to keep you cooking and eating minusrepparttar 150583 calories.

When cooking, use nonstick pan to eliminaterepparttar 150584 use of butter and/or oil. Removerepparttar 150585 fat fromrepparttar 150586 meat. Removerepparttar 150587 skin of chicken before serving. Use butter-flavored seasoning on vegetables instead of sprinkling butter. For casseroles, desserts and sauces, use evaporated skim milk (12 cal./tbsp.) instead of heavy cream (51 cal./tbsp.) Cook stews and other casseroles ahead of time. Refrigerate. Remove congealed fat before serving. Choose real orange (71 cal.) over an orange juice (90 cal./6 oz). For snacks, low-calorie fruits (cucumbers, asparagus, carrots, apples, pickles) are good replacements for crackers and breads. Use bottled chocolate extract for milk shakes instead of sweetened cocoa. Use two egg whites (34 cal.) for cakes instead of one egg (82 cal.). Choose diet margarine (50 cal.) instead ofrepparttar 150588 regular margarine (100 cal.). Choose cereals withrepparttar 150589 least calories then add fresh fruits to be more nutritious. In parties, good substitutes for snacks are carrot strips, pickle slices, and raw mushroom caps. Drip away fats by cooking hamburgers onrepparttar 150590 rack. Avoid chips with dips.

Staying in healthy shape depends onrepparttar 150591 right attitude. So how strong is your will power to controlrepparttar 150592 urge?

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7 Incredible Lifesaving Tips to Manage Your Anger

Written by Reed Floren

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3) Forgive and forget.

Nothing could ease your mental and emotional pains better than by forgiving someone that has hurt you inrepparttar past. It is very unhealthy to burden yourself with unnecessary torture brought about by unpleasant memories of other people's demeaning acts.

Moreover, if they have taken something important away from you, would it make sense to also sacrifice your health and lifestyle? Of course not.

4) Exercise.

Engaging in exercises increases your endorphins. Your angry mood could miraculously change to a happy one if you get involved in exercises that you enjoy doing.

5) Have a circle of "sponge" friends.

Do you feel relieved when you voice out all your problems to close friends and relatives? That'srepparttar 150577 power of voicing out your inner feelings.

Always have someone to talk to when you're down, when you're depressed, when you're mad, or in any other occasion when you feel you have to getrepparttar 150578 thorns out of your chest.

6) Listen to soothing music.

It calms your soul. A 20 minute session of listening to relaxing music while resting comfortably could sootherepparttar 150579 upset spirit. Take deep breaths often.

7) Pray.

Deadly consequences arise when people could not hold back their fury. Ask for guidance that you will be able to control your temper. Prayers bring inner peace to those who ask for it.

There you have it - 7 essential rules to release yourself fromrepparttar 150580 treacherous killer known as "Anger." Manage your anger, save your life.

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